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We Were Meant To Be, The Two Of Us... :)
Monday, 13 October 2008, 4:07 pm

Time flies, what can I say? It's Monday already, though we still have another whole week to spend until school re-opens. I admit that, I haven't studied yet =x. Hahas.. I'm on a break, actually. I'll get working after I finish blogging. Hehehe..
Goddamn it, I want a Sony Cybershot camera!
A couple of nights ago, I finally found my old digital camera, after having it missing for many, many months. Obviously, the battery was dead & can't be turned on, so I charged it for exactly 24 hours. I wasn't in need to use it though, I just wanted to try & see if that old thing still works. LAWL.. So yeah, 24 hours passed & I tried to on it, God, don't ever doubt that a mere second can burst your bubble for the whole entire day. Believe me, the stupid thing can't even turn on. Yeesshh.. Yes, it did occur to me that maybe the plug was loose & therefore the camera wasn't charged at all, and that I should try again after tightening the plug first. But nooo... It still didn't work after I tried again, and again, and again.. Blek. Actually, I've been through this problem before, just not as serious. Hmph!, I always knew that that there's something wrong with that stupid old thing, my parents are just too cheap to get a new one :P. Also...
Sony Ericsson Z610i, how I wish I can travel back to the past and buy this phone instead of my current W580i. I absolutely love Z610i, also because it's a flip phone. I like flip phones. Hahas.. For the third time of the year, my phone has gone bye bye for repair. Yer, two times because the camera has gone ding dong. Another time is because of the keypad. So I'm currently using the spare phone, K618i. Honestly, I really like it. Almost more than my W580i! *SHHH* LAWL...
Here's what happened the past few days:

Went back to Lick Hung on Saturday for family day. *Yay!
Lick Hung was super crowded, even at 8.30 in the morning.
Finally found J.D. and walked around school with a couple of J.D's ex-classmates.
Then joined Amanda, Ke Jia & Yee Pei for a while near the main gate.
Spotted a few of my ex-classmates, avoided most of them. =X Hahas..
Bloody hell, I got caught anyways. Siow Hui, Kai Xian, Russell, Nelson..etc.
Kai Xian has bracles on! PINK! Hahas..
Walked around school more, with Chrisy & Chui Pin.
Spotted Yin Xuan [still short], Xin Jun [damn tall now], Teng Yi [new hair cut], & Yi San [who looked plain miserable].
Oh yeah! Siow Hui's hair is nice!
No sight of Pui Yi, though Chrisy saw her. I needed to talk to her the most. Didn't get the chance, unfortunately. Saw her brother though.
Saw Amelia & Jennifer, & a couple more guys whose name I totally forgot.
Super tired during Quack. Went without doing my homework. Didn't get caught. *Cheers*
Bought a month-time supply of sweets that night! Hahas..
Deleted my first friendster account. Oh, don't worry, the second one is still there.
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Oh yeah, you'll never guess what I wasted my coupons on during family day in Lick Hung. There was absolutely nothing to buy there, & I had coupons worth RM10 which I had to use or my money will go to waste. So, yeah, I decided to help out my friend's stall by buying stuff there, using up all my coupons. Hey! I now have 16 erasers with musical notes on it, and a glue stick. I gave out some of the erasers, plenty more to go. Miaow. Oh yeah, I repeat myself once again, in case you missed out. I've deleted my first account on friendster. So, if you're trying to contact me but couldn't find my profile, go add/search for me at my second account: zhouyen_couturechic@hotmail.com. Thank you, for your co-operation. I've decided to delete it 'cause I'm lazy to update it. I mean, some people just love to bug me at my first acc. instead my of second, so replies of comments will be late because I hardly sign into my first acc. And I'll eventually get lectured for that T______T
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