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Let's Be More Than This
Wednesday, 8 October 2008, 11:29 am

Helloess... I am happy to announce that I have been studying these days! Very hardly, too. In school and at home. LAWL.. Now that our school time is back to normal, I barely have enough time to blog at all. Plus, I've been busy the past few days. Anyway, today is Wednesday already. Imma keep my fingers crossed that Pn. Phang won't enter class today. 35% chances of her not coming. But hey, God should totally help us out on this one, since Imma use the free time to study. Like Chrisy & I did yesterday. Yesterday was like "Sejarah Marathon". We asked & asked each other tricky questions, even Pn. Tan gave us exercises to do. Hahas.. On Monday, the guys of the whole school weren't in class after recess for like 2 hours or so? Lucky them, they missed out one period of Pn. Phang. Though they weren't lucky enough to miss the last period with her. LAWL.. When will it be the girls' turn? It has been raining hard these days, so yeah, I'm go to school wet, I sometimes even come back from school wet [after ICTL]. Overall, everything's perfectly fine. Though these days I have the sudden urge to learn French. Hahas.. After reading Two Friends, One Summer, I realized that French is just plain fun! Have you ever heard French people speak in English? So cutee... LAWL.. Oh yeah, did I mention that I finally read finish my Fame, Glory & Other Things On My To-Do List? Guess not. I kind of like that book. Hahas... Both Jessica and Jordan are so cute! Currently reading 21 Proms. Honestly, I don't look forward into reading 21 Proms, as I noticed last night that 21 Proms is just a book with 21 different stories? Gosh... I'm currently in "happy mood", give me a "happy book".
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