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I'll Always Be Here, Waiting
Friday, 3 October 2008, 11:30 pm

Did You Know? (Fun Facts: Let us study together online :P You might wanna scroll down-er if you're not interested in Malaysian history. We call it Sejarah, Se-Ja-Rah.
1. Did you know that the actual writer of Sejarah Melayu is actually known? Sejarah Melayu was written by Tun Sri Lanang many many years ago.
2. There are also other "versions" of Sejarah Melayu [Melayu in a way, means Malay. Idk. what they mean by Sejarah Melayu, but I'm guessing the history of the past in Malaysia? Dude, it's just a name]. Abdul Hadi Hassan wrote Sejarah Alam Melayu. Interesting, no? *ahem*
3. Another "version" of Sejarah Melayu writen by another *ahem* [what do you call that? Ah, yes] historian. This one is the tricky one. Tuhfat al-Nafis was writen by Raja Ali Haji.
4. Kurun/Abad means century in Malay, or in a way, in the "Sejarah" textbook.
5. Looking for a word in Malay that means... Err... A period when something awesome happened? Well, ZAMAN is your word.
6. Oh, another tricky one. Masihi means tahun/kurun yang dihitung sesudah kelahiran Nabi Isa. Dear dear, even I barely get what this one means. So, I just memorize the sentece, thus it works. Kind of.
7. Hijrah is almost like Masihi, I think. Tahun Islam yang bermula dari tarikh Nabi Muhammad berpindah dari Makkah ke Madina. This one is rather easy for me to remember, why? Because I have a book which the main character is a Malay, and Hijab sounds like Hijrah.
8. Dekad obviously means decade. Come on, you have to be a dickhead/dickphang to not have figured that out.
... and the list of things-to-memorize goes on and on. If I continue, I might as well walk to England. Yes, walk. Lesson is dismissed. Gosh, this is just lame. Beware of the secondary Sejarah books! If you ever see one anywhere, grab it and bury it. It belongs in hell. Hell yeah, it does. Bury along the Maths textbooks, too, while you're at it. And your name will be carved on my bedroom wall. Please don't hold any grudges against me, I'm really bored & I refuse to study! Nahaha... I need a life!
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