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Wake Me Up When September Ends
Wednesday, 10 September 2008, 7:56 pm

I haven't blogged in a while, I guess. Hehehe.. I've been both too busy and lazy to blog lately. Though I've been updating my friendster recently, I changed my layout!, as I've mentioned before in my previous post. My "About Me" section is still under construction, I've ran out of ideas, so yeah, I'm gonna leave it blank until I think of a new one. Oh hey, Guess what? I've found a few new sets of smileys. Again? Yeah, just a few minutes ago I went to this site which I discovered a couple of months ago, and they've uploaded loads of new adorable smileys. I might use them for my chat box when I'm free enough to edit them. Currently still saving them one by one to my Photobucket. Anyway, yesterday was Zhiou Ru's birthday. Believe it or not, I was planning to bring a cake for her, and Chrisy was supposed to bring candles and stuff so we could suprise her. In the end, I forgot to bring it to school ! Damn fed up weih.. I worked reallyyy hard just to get the cake kept in a tupperware which can actually fit into my back in one piece, and after I left the house I forgot to take it?? Oh gosh, life do suck sometimes.. On Jennifer's birthday, which was four days before Zhiou Ru's, Chrisy, J.D, and I planned to pour water on her. But frankly, plan was ruined as it was overheard by Su Anne and Zhiou Ru [who told Ngee Jin], and also some guys [who told everyone else that didn't know]. Guo Zhi was the first to spill water on Jennifer, En. Zuraimi and our assistant afternoon headmistress saw, sooo.... we weren't allowed to do it. Today was totally awesome, besides the fact that I got busted by Pn. Phang, for doing nothing wrong.. Ihatethatwomanreallybad! Overall, it was still awesome because we walked around school loads and!, saw babyyyy.. Believe me, I almost got blown away . So yeah, you've seen a couple of my new smileys. You like? LAWL.. Be back in a few hours' time, yeah? Gotta do my homework and study! HARD!
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