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Thanks For The Memories
Monday, 22 September 2008, 9:35 pm

Good evening, everyone. Haha, I'm in a pretty good mood now. Bleh. So don't ruin it for me, okay? Lalala~ School today was awesome! LAWL.. We had a family reunion, as I like to call it today after school. Everyone, seriously everyone, ex. SP, SP's GF, Ella, Baby Face, 9LD, SNGE etc., we were all gathered together at the assembly place. What a coinky-dinky, no? Anyway, I have a new watch now. Wehehe.. I guess you could have figured that out by looking at my wishlist. It's not exactly pink though, it's pink and white. The strap & the buttons at the side are all white, but some parts of the watch, parts which I don't know what they are called, are pink. LOVE IT! Yes, it's digital, too. I prefer digital watches, honestly. The non-digital one gives my loads of trouble. And And, as you can see, I've updated certain parts of my blog. If you open your eyes bigger, I guess you'd notice them, too. Update #1: At the sidebar, under "LOVES", it's different now. I've replaced my old bullets with new ones, and I've simplified things there. Yay! And, my disclaimer's changed, too. And my wishlist, my web info etc. What I like best is under my affiliates. Scroll all the way down and you will see a form, which wasn't there before. It's a form for people to fill up if they want me to link them, it totally simplifies everything for me. LAWL.. I am yet to edit some more, but I don't have the time. Maybe during the holidays. Oh, my blog now shows only five posts. It's better this way, I get to prevent laggy-ness. Short update as I have to go continue doing my homework and study, too. Gosh, give me a break.
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