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Random, Just Random
Monday, 1 September 2008, 9:57 pm

Today is Monday already, though since today is a public holiday, I get to stay home and browse around the internet. Mehehe... In no time, I stumbled onto this site with palaroid pictures. Don't know what a polaroid picture is? Keep reading, this post will lead you to the answers. Then I thought, hey, why not try making my own polaroid picture? So, here they are, my creations for the day:

And finally, for the sake of an old friend, Karyn, this is my last creation. Though, I have to admit, this is so far the easiest one. Mehehe...

So boo-yahh, what do you think? You like? Sure, paraloid pictures like these can be found anywhere on the net. But one thing special, you definetely can't find a polaroid picture of yourself on the net, no? No, I'm not doing requests, yet. Maybe sometime, just not now. I'm still in holiday mode, and I'm wayyy to lazy to do anything. Cheers! Oh, I've updated my friendster layout. Wahaha... My "About Me" section is currently still under construction. So, if you go there, you'll see an "under construction" banner there. Lalala~ Can't wait for school tomorrow! That's suprising, I know. I'm willing to go to school to see my certainsomeone. Yeah right, dream on. Good night! :)
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