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One Step At A Time
Thursday, 25 September 2008, 11:25 pm

I've done several good deeds today, I guess. LAWL.. No, I'm so not gonna spill about what I did. They're for me to know, and not for you to find out, yeah? Hahas... Guess what? Just a few minutes ago I was browsing through all the folders in my pendrives, and OMG, I forgot all about the few pictures which I've edited with my photoshop a couple of weeks ago. I didn't really try my best, as I was kind of lazy. Hahas.. Actually, the pictures were supposed to be for my Multiply account.

I combined them using Paint to save space in my blog. There's another Yellowcard one which I didn't put due to say, the picture doesn't really fit in? Hahas.. The pictures should be up in my Multiply account soon, that is, after I edit more of my favourite bands. Yes, I have that much free time. LAWL.. School was a bit awkward today, saw [codename] 9LD the whole time during recess today. Gosh, then the ella & baby face came in line. LAWL.. Yes, it was awkward and fun. Mehehe... Blog hopped, sad to say that Irene closed down her blog. According to others, she closed down her blog due to some ripper ripping her skin, & this other someone who keeps forcing her to credit her resource sites. What the heck..?? Though I hope she re-opens she blog again soon, by that time, she says she's gonna lock her blog and only allow invited bloggers who can view her blog. I'm one of them! Hahas.. This is life, Irene. Sometimes we just have to face consequences. No one lives a perfect life :]. Hope you JY for your upcoming exams. LAWL.. I was looking for sets of new smileys for my chatbox just now, and I realized that the site which I got my current set from actually gives out button templates. There are loads there, but rather less nice ones. Tsk tsk. I wish I was good enough at photoshop to make my own button templates. Anyway, Lick Hung is having their Family Day pretty soon. After the Raya holidays. Aww... I so wanna be there! But I don't think I'm allowed. I want to be there to see my ex-class teacher. Unlike others, I didn't get to say bye bye to her on the last day of school last year. I was upstairs with Chrisy and Amelia, Ying Xuen, Regina, Kong Hui, Wern Kang etc. And I want to see the new layout of the school. According to my friends, they say that they've moved the school book shop somewhere else, and there are more classes down stairs. Arggghhh!! DESPERATE MEASURES! Yay, I'm going to school tomorrow. Hahas.. Fun facts... Hope dangles on a string, like slow spinning redemption, winding in, winding out, no? LAWL..
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