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Name Survey
Friday, 26 September 2008, 11:29 pm

A name survey! LAWL.. This should be fun to do. Hahas..

Name me one or more girls' name that begin with..
A: Amelia; Agnes; Angenine; Alexz etc..
B: Bea
C: Christine; Clair; Cassopia etc..
D: Dana; Diana
E: Elaine; Esther
F: Fiona
G: Grace; Gizelle
H: Hazel; Hayley
I: Isabelle; Irene
J: Joanne; Jude; Judice; Jane etc..
K: Kristy; Karyn
L: Lyra; Leila; Lydia
M: Melody; Melianie
N: Nicole
O: Olivia
P: Pamela, Priscilla
Q: Queenie
R: Railey; Rain
S: Stephanie; Sydney
T: Tina
U: Ursula
V: Valeria, Vanessa
W: Walnut
X: Xandra
Y: Yvonne
Z: Zhou Yen [LAWL..]

Name me one or more girls' name that begin with..
A: Aaron; Andrew
B: Bryan; Blake
C: Chase
D: Derrick; Darren; Dylan; David
E: Ethan
F: FLAMINGO [hahas]
G: Gordo??
H: Harry
I: Isaac
J: Jordan, JAMES!!
K: Kaelan; Keith
L: Lame-O [hahas], Lionel, Lucas
M: Matthew;
N: Nathan; Nate
O: Obama
P: Peter
Q: Qingie [hahas... got it from Queenie]
R: Ryan
S: Seth
T: Tyler; Taylor; Teddy
U: Ulat [LAWL..]
V: Vroommm....
W: Will; William
X: Dont know laa... XIN
Y: YU [RAIN.. hahas]

1. Out of all your friends, which have the most unique name?
Hmm... I'm guessing, Bea (I like that name) :)
2. If you had a child, which names listed above would you consider naming them?
Guys: Chase or maybe Aaron. Girls: Bea :) or Alexz or Jude.
3. Were you named after anyone/anything?
Don't think so.
4. Name all your exes. Which has the nicest name?
5. If you could change the spelling of your name, what would you change it to?
Chen Joe Anne [LAWL..]
6. If you could change your last name, what would you change it to?
7. What about middle name?
8. How many people do you know with the middle name "Marie"?
Two. Bea & Angenine.
9. Is your name common?
Joanne: Yes. Zhou Yen: No. Chen Zhou Yen: No.
10. If you are a boy, what do you wish your name to be?
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