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Mad Obsession
Thursday, 11 September 2008, 8:19 pm

Here I am again . School was prettyy fun, I guess. Jia Deng finally came to school today. She's been absent for the past two days, due to tooth ache or something I'm not so sure of. Anyway, you'll never guess what Chrisy and I did today. Two name tags got to our hands today, one form two's [dark purple and white], and one form five's [white and blue]. Chrisy and I pinned the two name tags above our own, I got the form two one and Chrisy got the form five one. So, we walked around class with someone else's nametags, getting the everyone so confused . Yeah, it was weird, but what can I say? It was pretty fun . Nothing much happened to day though. How I wish things would go back like it was last time . We barely have any fun at all these days, 'cause we can't go down for PJK due to puasa month. And now is currently study month. I am soo not studying yet .... Hey, it's not me. Everytime I try to, something/someone just gets in the way
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