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Listen To The Thunder
Friday, 26 September 2008, 10:25 pm

It would be my honour to announce to the world that, holidays are here! LAWL.. I've been waiting for this day since like, a month ago? Hahas... I so have to use the free time to study my heart out, I made a promise to myself that I'd JY and get awesome results for my next upcoming exam. Maybe even beat Xin Jie [keep dreaming, dear]. LOL.. Hey, look at the bright side, if both Chrisy & I get great results for year end exam, Pn. Phang won't have any excuses to put us in different classes, no? Hahas... Our hardwork would totally pay off. Hell yeah, I'm that confident. LAWL.. School today was fine, thank you. It was okay, but it could have been better. Today kuya bimbinin likod sa eskwelahan, kaya nga apo, ako magpunyagi. Sang-ayon sa siya, siya nasain magsagawa sa atin eskwelahan agad. Owh dear, when will you open your eyes & realize how madly important this year is for you? Ikaw dapat ay may kaya sa make your own decisions by now. Ako magtiwala ikaw; I trust you :) But wth, ikaw mangkaroon kaibigan sa ibabaw ngayon, nararapat ay Keith. LAWL.. I'm planning to make my own Multiply layout during the holidays, because [codename] bitchface, well, I caught her copying my layout & stuff. Arghh! You FREAK! Quit pretending, will you?? Why can't you try being yourself, just for once?? Stop being such a wannabe, okay? Everyone knows that you're nothing but a dumbo copycat, all you ever do is copy CHRISTINE & BRAG about your trips to Chrisy's house on friday mornings. For the love of God, quit thinking that you're so popular & that everyone loves you just because you had a big suprise on your birthday, okay? I planned it just to release my anger towards you, not with you. Wake up already. Yeessshh, I give up. I've been writing this post for more than an hour now. LAWL.. Bye Bye.

Memo To Self
Ito bitch sa ko klase, God, siya ay ang ganyan isa pain in the arse. Siya ngalan ay Jennifer, at maniwala iyan o wala, akin buo klase magalit siya. Siya ay ang ganyan isa wannabe, at ako tunay magalit na. Siya nasain kahit ano na Christine at ako nasain, para uliran music, movies, tv shows, colors etc. Siya lubos may wala padamdam ng originality, ni kahit sino likas na pagkukuro. In a word, mangmang. Sa siya araw ng pagsilang, ako at akin kaibigan ibuhos tubig lahat sa ibabaw, and now she thinks she's all that already. Like, what the hell? Since then, siya isipin siya totoong tunay popular sa eskwelahan ngayon. Ako magalit siya totoong tunay marami. Diyan ay isa natatangi buwan, kailan siya isipin siya ay Christine's pinakamabuti kaibigan, at kahit magkunwari siya ina pagayon. God, she sucks.
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