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Behind Each Picture Lies A Story
Monday, 29 September 2008, 8:50 pm

My daily crises. Consider me lucky, the past weekend was close to perfect! *Exaggerating* LAWL.. I now officially believe that God will bless you on your birthday, hahas. Believe it or not, even to my surprise, Mr. Quack gave us a treat on Saturday during tuition. He treated us pizza & "coke" that pretty much taste like root beer to me. Bleh. LAWL.. On Saturday, after Quack, I went far far away shopping! Yay! Hahas.. I was outdoor-sick, honestly. It's been quite a long time since I've been somewhere other than school, Quack or at home. I bought a starry starry bag which I really love alot. Mehehe... It's white, yes, and it has black & silver starts all over it. Hahas.. It was either the black bag with silver stars or the white bag with black & silver stars, I almost picked the black one. Just when we were about to pay for it, I changed my mind. Also, from the same store, I bought a pencil box, also white, shaped like a candy! Hahas.. I think it's very cute, honestly. There are silver ribbons at the side of the pencil box, best of all, there's a keychain hanging on the zipper of the pencil box. It's a white ribbon with silver edges, very elegant if you ask me. I love it! Love it, Love it, Love it! LAWL.. And both the pencil box and the bag didn't cost really much, less than 50 bucks, I'm sure. I forgot exactly how much though, around 25 to 30, I guess. The following day was officially my 13th birthday. LAWL.. You'll never guess what's the most fascinating thing of all! A candy dispenser! Bahaha... You know when you go out, mostly when you buy gumballs, candies, sweets etc, you insert a coin into a candy dispenser, turn the little thing in front, then your whatever comes out? Hahas.. It really works. And it's pink LAWL... I absolutely love it! Haha, so cute. Miracle about today. Well, you wouldn't really consider it as a miracle, but whatever. You know, some people are really struggling to learn how to get the materials from Japanese websites? Hahas.. Well, just now, I got bored & decided to give it a go myself and see why it's so hard just to get in. And poof! There I was saving some stuff to my computer. Hahas... Don't get your hopes up to high, they just might break down hard when you've fallen into reality. LAWL.. Honestly, there's nothing much in those sites. Believe me, I went to quite alot of them: Lovecandied, Lovelycore, Puremilky etc. There are loads of web materials there, but some are just way beyond too, as you people say, kawaii for me. A little is okay, but too much isn't good either. I won't spill exactly how to enter the material sites, but I'll give you a hint or two. Hey, I can't ruin the big mystery, no? Neither can I ruin it for those who like to keep it a mystery. Whenever you are at whatever Jap. site, look around for the word "Enter", once you've found it, click it. Next, look around for a word that you think can bring you to what you're looking for. For instance, you're looking for web materials, you look for the word Materials or Item or whatever. Click on the word, and it would bring you to a whole list of Jap. words, which are terms & conditions by the way, if you got the right word. If you got the right word, click around and you'll get there. Hahas... Remember, if you failed, try again. You'll get there sooner or later. LAWL.. Good luck finding! You'll seriously need it.

My Birthday Resolutions
Study hard for year end exam.
Be a better person :)
Make my own blogskin.
Take up drumming lessons :)
Try hard to not let silly things bring me down.
Tiwala :)
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