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Up Against The Wall
Wednesday, 24 September 2008, 8:37 pm

Back from school, AND studied. Yeehaw.. We're making progress in here! I have loads to blog about, I don't know where to start. Today was pretty great, I guess. Hahas.. Chrisy, J.D. and I tried our luck & planned a criminal mastermind plan today. Believe it or not, it actually worked. Today is Wednesday, just in case you forgot, and we'll be having two periods with Pn. Phang in a row today: First is Chinese, second is Sivik. And after recess, we have another Math period. But Pn. Phang normally swicth between Math and Sivik. Anyway, the first two periods were Seni. After we've done our art, Chrisy and I were finding ways to get out of Chinese. So, this was our plan: Jia Deng acts like she has a stomach ache [which in the end she does get one], after the bell rings & Pn. Tah leaves class, we make our escape to the Bilik Guru to find the teachers responsible for the week. Sadly enough, none of the teachers were there, and Jia Deng's tummy really started to hurt bad. A couple of teachers walked pass and asked if she was okay, we answered every single one of them truthfully, NO! LAWL.. Pn. Chan came to help out as she started to feel Jia Deng's pain. Owh, then she finally mentioned that we could get permission from Encik Musawir or the other Pn. Chan for Jia Deng to go home. Wth.. Encik Musawir was just around the corner, so yeah, we chased after him and asked if Jia Deng could leave. Of course she can, but she'll be counted as absent for she hasn't been in school for four periods yet. Jia Deng wasn't there when we spoke to Encik Musawir, so I was planning to not tell her about the whole considering-her-as-absent thing. Hahas.., yes, I'm that evil. Hey, there are just somethings in life that aren't meant for people to know, yeah? Take baby face's friend, as we like to call Cat Face for instance, his name just isn't meant for us to know. LAWL.. Honestly we waited quite a longgg time outside the Bilik Guru, in the meantime, you have no idea how many times SP walked pass. Haha, probably trying to eavesdrop. Just as Jia Deng was ready to go to Bilik HEM to call her mom, Pn. Tah walked into Bilik Guru. Wth.. We made millions of phone calls, walked in and out and in and out trying to figure out where the hell Jia Deng's dad was, every thing still wasn't settled even when the recess bell rang. Obviously, we didn't have enough time to go for recess. Tsk tsk.. It started to rain after recess. Hahas.. I remember having a bet with Chrisy that the rain won't stop before Sejarah, last period. I lost. Hmph! Overall, today was okay, I guess. The best thing about today is that I actually studied. LAWL.. Jia Deng went home in the end, mind you, she really did feel pain. Hahas.. Coinky dinky, no? Anyway, I've decided to stop using those damned smileys in my posts from now on, they're just too...., troublesome? Yeah, and since they're all animated, more chances of laggy-ness in my blog if I keep using them.
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