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Where Are You?
Tuesday, 5 August 2008, 12:05 pm

Attention please, readers. Animated barcode requests are
currently unavailable. Animated ones only, non-animated barcode requests are still
available. My photoshop has encountered an eror, and temporarily
cannot be used. Sorry! As for those who requested for animated barcode from 1st July until
this date, your request might take a while more to be done. Click here for more information. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Anyway, I haven't blogged for a couple of days already. I've been lazy. Mehehehe. The past few days have been boring, boring, boring. Christine didn't go to school on Friday due to illness. On Thursday, Pn. Phang replaced Marion with Christine to be the Math AJK. Let's just put it this way, she hasn't been very fair. Hmm... That's pretty much all that I could remember. Saturday, as usual, Chrisy and I went to Quackie tuition. Saturday was fun in a way. Here's what happened today. Pn. Yong didn't enter class today, so three whole free periods. Wehehehe~ J.D. and I hardly went into class for the three periods. We walked around without a pass. On our way to the bengkel to bust Chrisy out, loads of prefects were getting ready to bust us. Obviously, none of them had the guts to. Three whole periods were fun, but very tiring. During recess, three super duper LCLY prefects didn't let us do anything we normally do. Like, they didn't let us get a chair from another table. How taking a chair effect them?? Dumbass prefects got nothing better to do. We were supposed to bring that round thing [round ruler; whatever you call it], but I forgot. Chrisy and J.D. didn't bring either. I took one from my sister's pencil box. They were having recess, so I just snuck in and get it. Wehehehe. I got one for Christine from Tsui San, J.D. got one from Marion. Today was kind of fun, I guess. And I can't decide what song to pick to replace my Time Of My Life by David Cook song. I haven't heard any nice songs these days. Any suggestions?
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