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Tonight Will Be The Night I Fall For You
Tuesday, 26 August 2008, 9:53 pm

Today was totally awesome. Well, sort of. Jia Deng, Chrisy and I spent almost the whole entire day running around chasing dudes and 'dudettes'. Hey, it was pretty fun, I guess. Before the school bell rang, Chrisy and I made an escape from Jia Deng and Jennifer to Seafield Walk. It's about time we went somewhere besides Quack, without the two of them. Right 'till this second, I take back what I said just now during the afternoon. Which was,
"Don't you think 'Phanit-look-alike' looks like a sentimental song writer?"
Funny thing though. Hahas... Chrisy agreed to what I said. Odd, no? I mean, it will be if you actually knew who the hell phanit-look-alike is, and how he is to us. Anyway, I discovered another new awesome singer! Presenting, Secondhand Serenade.
Josh Vesely; My owh my, a true sentimental song writer.
You really should listen to Secondhand Serenade's songs. They're amazing! Really. I loveee their songs Fall For You and Awake. You should really go try listening to it. Owh yeah, we didn't have our stupid singing competition today. One of the judges, Pn. Khasniyathi [if that's how you spell it] had to go for a meeting. So, the form two's has theirs first, ours have been postponed to tomorrow. It's so sad, that we don't get to watch the form two's sing. Aww... Hopefully tomorrow we get to watch the other form one's. And Pn. Phang won't drag us out. Blek.
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