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Sweet Love
Wednesday, 6 August 2008, 8:28 pm

I've been trying really hard to focus on writing This Is Our Playground since last night. For those who've known me for at least a year now, you should know that I'm obsessed with writing stories and songs. Well, not so much about songs. Stories, hell yeah! I remember my very first story, it's weird and stupid, even I admit it myself. But it was what made me realize my passion. I wrote it when I was seven, believe it or not. After six years, over fifty stories have been written, but over forty of them have disappeared into thin air. Or should I say, gone missing? Last night, someone from my contact list on MSN [can't remember who] invited me to join this site to post fiction stories. So, yeah, I did. Though I haven't posted anything yet. I will when I'm done with chapter one of This Is Our Playground. Anyway, Pn. Phang took some wrong pills today before she came to school today. I mean, what the heck, the one day I finished all my Chinese homework, she comes up and tell me that she wants me to throw away my old exercise book and open four new ones and do my work separately? Yeah, I know, we were supposed to have three books all together. And when I asked for my book back so that I could cut and paste into my new books, she didn't allow. What's up with me having a book more than everyone else in class? What, she's planing to steal another book from me again? No, sir, will I let that happen. Anyway, according to Pn. Phang, our next Sivik project includes singing on stage. Wrong. I'd rather die than do that, honestly. Pn. Khatijah didn't come to school today, Pn. Tah was the relief teacher. She brought us down to play though. Mehehe. That's all for today. I've got work to do.
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