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Monday, 25 August 2008, 11:24 pm

Awww... Holidays are over already. I demand wayy longer holidays, you know, I really think the Malaysian government should make the holidays like they do in Singapore. No hols after monthly exams, a whole month hols after Midyear and Finals' exam. It'll be wayy better, we won't be so lazy. Hahas.. I've deleted my previous two posts, so yeah, this post I'm gonna combine the ones that I deleted with this post, three-in-one :). Today's the first day of school after the hols. Guess what? Tomorrow is the silly singing competition already. You know, the one for Sivik. We are so not ready for it. I mean, believe me, none of the guys know exactly how to sing yet. And I'd bet that there are a couple of girls, too, that have no idea how the song goes. We know who we are :D. Damn it, Robert Buckley is freaking hot!! Robert Buckley is the dude who plays Kirby Atwood in Lipstick Gloss. God, I love Robert Buckley! He's like, the elder version of Chace Crawford. He's quite old though, that is, if you consider 27 old. Five years older than Chace Crawford, actually. Ohmigoshhh..... See for yourself!

I'm almost done with my KH project. We're supposed to sew patterns on a piece of cloth to make a table cloth. You'll never guess what I sew onto my cloth. I sew one of the Beijing mascots. The green panda. I absolutely love it! Love it, Love it, Love it! I didn't pass it up today. I brought it home to sew lace on it. The Beijing Olympics are officially over. It ended last night. I watched the closing ceremony on tv. It was great! Leona Lewis even popped out to sing. Today was fun overall. Loads happened in school today. I saw those familiar faces that I haven't seen in a pretty longgg time. Though I missed a couple of them today. Gosh, wish me luck. Tomorrow's gonna be a fun day, I hope. Singing in front of the whole school? Hey, at least I get to see others sing, too. It'll be aweesssoomeee! Good night :)
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