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Thursday, 28 August 2008, 10:17 am

Wee~ Woke up so early this morning just to send my sis off to this hotel in Shah Alam for her piano exam. It's a relief I stopped my piano lessons last year... Hahas.. I hate learning piano. Blek. I had to finish my Maths homework last night, so I didn't get to blog about what happened yesterday last night :(.So, yeah, yesterday was pretty awesome. The whole day, only one among all of ours teachers actually bothered to teach us. The whole time before recess, us form one's were in the hall to sing for the Sivik thingy. 1K [my class], we were the last to sing. So the whole time while waiting for our turn, we were talkingtalkingtalking non-stop. Alyssa [our current assistant monitor], who sat in the front, observed all the classes while they sing to grab ideas. Our performance isn't any good, because Pn. Phang hardly gives us anytime to practice. Unlike some people, we barely practiced at all, while everyone was practicing, we were in class studying. How unfortunate, that we don't get lazzyyy teachers. It was finally our turn, when things started to get a little awkward. For Chrisy and I, it was impossible to not laugh. On stage, Alyssa was the conductor, so she was facing us. While conducting, she made loads of funny expressions, and a couple of weird hand signs that we completely didn't understand. We totally messed up, alright. Near the chorus, the girls in the front two rows started swinging... Chrisy and I were like, why??... I mean, Alyssa said nothing about swinging or any moving.. Hahas.. I didn't get the time to memorize the lyrics, so yeah, I didn't really know how to sing. The worst part was the guys. There's a part where the guys sing solo, believe me, they didn't do well. In the end, 1C won. So unfair man.. They barely made any sounds. 1E got second, which you know, is very surprising. 1E and 1K sang the same song, we sounded almost the same. Almost, yeah, I have to admit, they were wayy louder than us. When we got down the stage, Alyssa said she could barely hear any thing, and she was so close! Hahas.. Something odd happened after we left the hall though.. Believe it or not, Chrisy and I both heard it ourselves, with our own ears, we even saw actually.. An Idian prefect, he banged the flower pot or something.. You'll never guess what he said. No, he didn't say the F word, nor shit.. Nope, not damn it. He said, "Ma de", that is, if you understand Chinese, you most probably know what the hell ma de is. Hey, if you're that guy that said it, I'm so sorry, but I just had to post it up here.. It's too strange. During PJK, was unbelievably awkward. Pn. Khatijah gave us free time, since En. Zuraimi told us that the singing competition is after recess, caused loads to didn't bring books for the classes after recess. Overall, yesterday was pretty fun. I can't wait until Friday. Ther will be performances for us, for Merdeka day is on Saturday. Wahahahaha... I've done so many things, and it's not even 11 yet! Got tagged by Michelle Wong and my sis. Sorry, Michelle. I don't think I'll be doing your tagg... it requires too many pictures. O.O hahas..
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