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Look Up To The Sky and Make A Wish...
Thursday, 14 August 2008, 9:19 pm

Wiped out for today. I've been so lazy to blog these days, though today was kind of fun. Holidays are almost here, I can't wait until Friday is over. Remember my Sivik project? The one that we all have to sing on stage? Yeah, Chrisy and I are gonna play the guitar, believe it or not. We're not sure how, so we're pretty much struggling. Oops, I forgot about Jia Deng. Jia Deng knows nothing about playing a guitar, but she wants to tag along with us, too, because... well, she doesn't want to be stuck singing with Jackass. It's also official that Chrisy and I are getting bangs. Both of us are, actually. It's strange, yes I know, but it doesn't really matter. I'm getting the same hair cut as my idol, Alexz Johnson. I've posted about a million pictures of her already, though I might post more at the end of this post. Wehehehe... Jia Deng and Christine have been making fun of my bottle these days. So sad... Let's just say there's a bottle copycat around in school.
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