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Fan Fiction
Tuesday, 5 August 2008, 10:32 pm

What a fun and exciting day. Irene came to school today, in spite of the many days she has missed school, is quite unlikely. I knew she wouldn't have lasted long, she went back home during recess. Her mom came to pick her up. Turns out, the one and only reason why she bothered to come was just to pay for the Scholastic books she wanted to order. Now, wouldn't she have saved a whole lot of time and energy, and even precious and very expensive fuel of her mom's car, if she just asked Jennifer or Mei Yee or someone she is able to contact, to temporarily pay the money for her? Hmm... Fortunately, Moral was very fun today. Odd, no? J.D. and I were even on time for class today. Oh, back to the old times, when Jia Deng and I used to be good girls. Mehehe. Jia Deng, Jennifer and I did some "business" during Moral today. See, we were all supposed to bring color paper to school for Moral, to make some stupid patriotic bookmarks. Loads of people forgot, obviously. Jennifer brought a whole set of color papers, so since Jennifer didn't mind, Jia Deng and I sold them to everyone. We charged 10 cents for one piece at first, but then the guy prefect who sat behind me, suggested that we sell one for 50 cents. So we did. Still, it was either 50 cents gone or face Pn. Cheok. Hey, rich kids in 1 Damai, none of them minded paying 50 cents. After a while, there only left around 5 more, orange ones. The guy who sat behind me, bought four for 40 cents [that was before we rose the price]. He wanted to buy another, we asked him for 50 cents, he thought we were crazy and refused to pay. Mehehe. When Moral was going to be over, a couple of guys wanted to return us the papers they bought, and get back their money. No, sir. In the end, Jennifer eared a dollar fifty. Not bad for small business, eh? Anyway, I sat with Jia Deng and Christine sat with Jennifer for the whole day today. There's no harm trying new things, right? And memo to myself and to the world, sitting next to Joshua, believe me, I'd rather die. Seriously. Joshua is one of those kind of guys that I seriously can't stand. Those wannabes, yuck! He and Zheng Yi, even I have to say it out loud myself, are really trying too hard to be popular. Desperate? Definitely. Geography and Sejarah was fun, too. I'm really trying to pay attention in class and finishing and passing up my homework in time these days. I have to work hard for my next exam. I M-U-S-T score well during the next exam. Wish me luck, I'll need it.
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