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Don't Cry For Pain
Friday, 15 August 2008, 9:45 pm

It will be my honour to announce that, holidayss aree hereee!! Yay! That means I'm about to get a new haircut really soon. I really love the Spiderman 2 album, which includes We Are by Ana Johnsson and Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals. Oh my gosh, I love them so much! Therefore, I replaced the song in my blog to Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals. Anyway, today was really awesome, apart from Chrisy not being there. Yes, Chrisy missed another day of school due to no transport. Jia Deng didn't wanna come, too. But I insisted her to, so there she was. Jia Deng brought her phone to school that day, because she didn't feel good. I'm currently still on a guitar hunt. Though I doubt I'm going to be needing one anymore. I won't have enough time to practice during the holidays anyway. So, basically, I'll most probably leave the guitar playing to Jia Deng and Chrisy. Anyway, I have been seriously very lazy to blog these days. I still am, actually, so short post for today, okay?
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