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Candygram ❤
Monday, 18 August 2008, 9:10 pm

I'm finally back from Kuantan, the most boring place on earth. This trip wasn't as bad though. I had 24 hours access to the internet, plus I brought home some yummy gummies and some pictures of two new faces. I'm too lazy to post them up right now, maybe some other time? Anyway, I've uploaded loads of adorable images to my Photobucket. Sadly enough, my photobucket albums are private, why? Because I fear rippers. As I was browsing at photobucket, I found a 100++ set of smileys that seemed familiar. The smileys are very cute, they were the same smileys as the ones in Kyuusho's blog in fact. Sure, I saved them to my album, but I think it'll be best if I don't use it. Obviously, because people will accuse me of ripping, which I so did not! You could ask me for the URL of the album which the smileys came from if you don't believe me, though I won't spill. I mean, who knows, you might want the URL not to defend Kyuusho, but for your own personal use. Actually, you don't have the complete right to accuse me. The set of smileys that I have, comparing to the ones in Kyuusho's site, they're quite different, and there are a few that Kyuusho never posted up to her blog before. So there's a proof that I did not rip. So yeah, after you've read this, please do not accuse me of ripping, and bring fame to my blog. No, I like my blog just the way it is, thank you. I don't like much attention. Sorry, if I was to harsh, I'm just trying to defend myself. Loads happened these past few days, I'm just too lazy to blog. Teehehe... Currently shock by the fact that, our assistant head mistress, omigosh, has a bloggg!! Oh my, you really have to visit her blog:
Believe me, it's totally worth clicking on! [haha... i wasn't joking about the smiley thing]
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