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Friday, 29 August 2008, 11:25 pm

Hahas... That's ten promises I made to myself, and I'll try uber hard to keep them. It won't be o easy though. I mean, like, ohmygosh, I normally don't curse at all, but these days, the words just keep blabbing out like that. I can't control myself! Anyway, today was totally filled with laughter.. Soo much laughter that I barely remember what happened yesterday. Hahas.. Overall, it was pretty great. No actually, it was closetoperfect. Well, besides the fact that I waited in school for Chirsy and Jia Deng for half an hour, yeah it was closetoperfect. We barely even entered class in the first place. Our Merdeka day is on Sunday [31 August]. So, in order to celebrate, we were all in the hall, early celebration, until around five, we were allowed to leave. Yeah, leave for recess. With the form 2's. How awkward is that? The performances were well, okay, I guess. Chrisy and I barely payed any attention at all. We were too busy talkingtalkingtalking. I mean, if you were us, you are damn lucky for the day that your whole class moved back and had to sit next to the form 2 classes, you have a pretty good life. That is, sometimes, in order to have a good life, sorry, but you just have to ruin someone else's life.. So, yeah, if any of our words offended you, hahas.. Just take it as momentarily craziness and don't take things too personally. Mostly our deary SP.. Hahas.. I think Chrisy really offended him today in school. We had our recess with the form 2's after the celebration ended, so Chrisy, Jia Deng and I decided to put our bags up in class before going for recess. Since all of the gates at the stairs were still lock, only one was open, everyone had to squeeze up. Coinky-dinky, when we were going up, SP was going down. When he stood next to Chrisy, I said, "You suck". Chrisy replied, "You suck, too". When we were walking by the Pejabat, I asked Chrisy why she said that. She thought that I said that she suck, instead of SP. Then I thought about something awkward. Maybe the whole "You Suck" thingy might spread around the whole school, like tags do on blogspot. I mean, I said to Chrisy that she sucks, [if SP is self-absorb] he might think Chrisy said to him, then he goes telling his friends that they suck, the thing passes around the whole school, and in the end, "You Suck" comes back right in my face. Boo~ Hahas.. This is what you get if you curse, no? But it didn't actually happen though. We had Science for our last to periods. SP just so happen to have walked pass the science lab. When I saw him, I shouted out loud, "You suck, man! SUCKER!" When Chrisy saw him, she shouted, too, "You suck la weih!" Typical Malaysians.. Don't blame us for being mean to SP. It was fun cursing him. Haha... It was an awesome day, though the whole day there was this particular guy who kept staring.. He's for us to know, and not for you to find out who..
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