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When words fail, music speaks
Sunday, 13 July 2008, 9:59 pm

Super exhausted right now. Guess what? I baked and decorated around 30 cupcakes today. Of course, I didn't bake them all by myself. My mom and I did the baking together. I might post some pictures of the cupcakes. Might. Yes, I know that I'm always saying that I might post pictures of whatever in my next post or wherever, but the pictures never really pops out. I keep forgetting, excuse me. I promise, that during the next school holidays or whenever I'm free, I'll post up all the pictures that I was supposed to long ago. Anyway, I'm just back from dinner, guess what?I saw the whole entire cheer squad of our school! Yikes. Worst dinner ever. I avoided every one's eyes like a blind person. Mehahhaha. Tomorrow we will be having our ICTL exam. Oh-no. And! New band discovered: Buckcherry. Has anyone heard of the song "Sorry"? Ohmygosh, I loveee that song!! By Buckcherry. I'm in the mood for a new story. A new crazyyy story like This Is Our Playround, Ella Ella Laine and Knocking On Heaven's Door.
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