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What I believe
Thursday, 10 July 2008, 10:59 pm

What an interesting day, today is. Oh, I just read What I Believe by Norma Fox Mazer, the same author as When She Was Good. Both of them are very crazy yet very sad books. I think all of Mazer's books are crazy and sad. As I pointed out just seconds ago, today really is an interesting day. Everyone feels extra daring and naughty. Even me! Mehahaha. Today we screamed and shouted and jumped and ran and skipped and laughed and we smiled. Most of all, it was all real. Notfake. I sound weeerd now, don't I? Oops. I mean weird. Hahahha. This is how you'll get after you've read Mazer's books, weeeerd! Jia Deng and I skipped moral today. Nope, we did not ponteng, by any means. Instead of going for Pn. Cheok's, we joined Pn. Siew's class. Eeeww, I smelled a bitch! No wait! BITCH-ES. Yucks. They ruined our fun! They disturbt our lesson! Freak show. I bought a whole pack of candy during recess. Weee... And I shared them all with Jia Deng, Jennifer and Christine. Sharing is caring. Didn't feel very well when I was in school, so the whole time before recess wasn't all happy-wappy. Prevented myself from making a phone call and fly home. It was worth it! Finally did my oral test. Both English and Malay. Feel so proud of myself, accomplished both of them in less than five minutes. Because of them, I accomplished it. Oh gosh, I sound like Pinky noww. Urghh, you don't wanna sound crazy like I do right now? NEVER EVER read NORMA FOX MAZER'S books! Too deep for someone emotional, too retarded and too crazy for someone unemotional, too jolly for someone who has just saw SP! HAH! I made a fool out of myself in front of SP, at least according to Christine. I scrrrreeeaaammeeeddd in front of SP because I spotted SP! Believe me, Christine and I have been waiting to see SP for a pretty longgg time, no? I didn't exactly screamed. I just said "SP!" out loud when I saw him, but Christine said that I scrrrreeeammmeed. Excuse me, I do NOT do screaming, mind you. Jennifer even said that she heard my "sccrrreeeeaaammm" all the way from ground floor [Christine and I were on the second floor]. Was it really a scream?? I don't know. I don't care. Everything can change in a blink of an eye, and it did! For me, at least. One second the code to the lock on my back was the "angka giliran" of thatguy [not SP not ella not anyone you could possibly think of.], the next second [even after I've changed the code because Jennifer found out] it was still the "NOMBOR PELAJAR" of thatguy. What the heck...?? I am currently trying to buy time while I try to remember what happened in school today. Hmm... Irene was left all aloneee during recess. Aww.. I shouldn't be writing anything about this here. So I won't. It's not good. Not nice. Buzzz... Jia Deng, Jennifer, Christine and I made Marion super angry today during B.M. She's what I'd like to call "hot head". Yikes. Doubt she start talking to me tomorrow, but.. whatever. Muahaha. Visited some of my friends' blogs just now. All of their blogs contain thousands and thousands of pictures. Mine have none. Christine even asked me when am I gonna give Amelia her scrapbook. Hellloooo...? What's a scrapbook without any pictures? We spent loads of time together, but no pictures. Why? Because we don't plan what's ahead of us and prepare a camera. We don't plan our lives, we just live it. Good night everyone!
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