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We are finally free tonight...
Saturday, 5 July 2008, 8:09 pm

Oh gosh, I haven't updated for almost a week. I have been super duper uper busy for the past few days, doing my Seni & Geo project, and e-mailing Christine our daily homework. Christine has gone to Macau already, and she won't be back until next Tuesday. Anyway, for the whole entire week I didn't have any free time at all. Yes, at all. None. Zero. I didn't even have the time to turn on the computer [except for the times when I'm using the computer to type my Seni project]. God, I swear to never do last minute work again. Especially not last minute projects. I put a whole lot of effort into my Seni project, though Seni really isn't an important subject. All my hardwork reallyyy paid of, because I got 93% for my Seni. Wow. One mark less than the highes. Wth..?? Xin Jie got highest, obviously, 94%. Pn. Tah said that I could have gotten full marks [as in 100%] if it weren't for my Koleksi Gambar Corak Pada Batu. I couldn't agree less. The first time I printed out my Koleksi Gambar Corak Pada Batu, all the pictures were clear and taken personally by me. But then on Thursday, Pn. Tah showed us Ros Aida's project. She said that we should go look for the pictures in the net for more marks. So I did. Instead of "more marks", I got "less marks". Yeeshh. I am so not ever gonna trust anyone ever again! Never. There's another reason why though. Emily? I don't really wanna put her real name though. Turns out the smilies that she gave me for my tagboard were RIPPED! She ripped them from Agnes's blog, and she told me to use them, because it was HER WHO MADE THEM. That explains all the bitching at my tagboard. The bitchings has stopped by now, and I'm back to being innocent. So, to prevent from being fooled by anyone again, I've gotten new smilies for my tagboard. All of them are from a website, so don't you dare come telling me they were made by you and ask me to take them down! If you really are the creator of the smilies, well too bad! 'Cause they have been posted up by ego-box.com. Although the super busy schedule to finish my projects, loads of amazing and fun stuff happened this week. And I'll take my time to writee them all outtt! Mehahhahaha. 30 June [Monday], after ICT, when I came back to school, Christine and I snuck into the ICT Lab to transfer songs from my pendrive to her pendrive. She sms-ed on Sunday me to put three particular songs in it, and bring it during ICT, but frankly, my phone was off and I didn't get the message. So after ICT, I had to rush home to put in those three songs for her, have lunch, and rush back to school. Pn. Grace was having class when we snuck in. Christine and I borrowed the computer from two friendly girls who sat at the back. The computers at the back are all old computers, so everything took a pretty long time to complete. By the time we were done, almost everyone were already in the hall. Oopsie. Owh yeah, new house! Boo~ I'll have my own room now. A big, big room, where I can have friends over if I want to. I haven't thought of how it's gonna be yet. I'll figure it out. Though one thing's for sure, I'm gonna take one tiny little part of the room and spray paint the walls with "grafity" design. 2 July [Wednesday], nothing really happened on Tuesday, so I decided to just skip to Wednesday. Today is the day I'm supposed to pass up my Seni project. But I didn't, because "tak sempat habis", not enough time to finish. Then, when I got home, I had to start on it all over again. I saw several projects which got really high marks, and I had to re-do after seeing, because I did most of them wrongly, or say, not-good-enough-to-get-an-A. And! Surya really is a daring person. On Wednesday, after she put her bag in class, she went out straight away. And she never came back. Until the next day. She... say, ponteng?? So, she had a personal talk with Pn. Heng (disiplin teacher) the next day. 3 July [Thursday] a.k.a. the best day so far. I went to photography in the morning, half-an hour late, because I didn't wanna wake up at 7.00 just to go for photography. Instead of going at 8, I went at 8.30. Awesome yes? Printer went out of ink, just when I REALLY needed it to print my project for me. Damn it. Asked May Yean for help, but frankly her printer was out of ink too. Didn't really bother to check with Jia Deng, Jennifer and Irene, because their printers are out of ink too. Everyone's printer no ink! So I asked my sister for help. She asked her friend. Problem solved. NOT. Sister's friend, Gan Hui Ling, I think, her computer can't open the file 'cause she uses Microsoft 2003, we use Microsoft 2007. Had no choice. Went all the way to Carefour in my SCHOOL UNIFORM to buy a new printer. Bought, went home, ate lunch while printer is being installed. Problem after problem. Not enough time. Impatient sister. Had to go to school. Mom brought it to school later then. We weren't in class, were in the Makmal, so she can't find us, so she passed it to my sister. Sister gave me when school almost gonna end. Aiyo, by that time Pn. Tah sudah pun balik. Yeessh. Anyway, we had our photography exhibition at the Dataran Nilam during recess. Since I was the only one available during Form 1 recess, Pn. Lim asked me to go down for recess early to make sure no naughty boys or girls destroy the photos. I asked Jennifer and Jia Deng for company. The period before recess was Geo, so when we were planning to go out, whatshername [Karyn style] stopped me from going because she was jealous that we get to leave early. She wanted me to bring her along with me, but I gave her alasan say that Pn. Lim only allow "subsitutes" to come with me. Mehahaha. Hey, it's trueeee. Jia Deng was the sub. for May Yean [had prefect duty], and Jennifer was sub. for Christine [gon-er. haha]. We left for recess earlier than everyone else by 15 minutes, though we didn't really use the 15 minutes to eat or whatever. Jennifer, Jia Deng and I are koperasi kind of people. Don't go canteen, but go to the koperasi. So we sat at the Dataran Nilam until the bell rang. As soon as it did, we ran all the way to koperasi, bought bread, and ran all the way back. Mehahah. After a while, Jia Deng went to the canteen to buy more food, I asked her to buy a bottle of water for me, Jenny asked her to buy dunno what. When she got back, I opened my bottle for fun, Jia Deng drank a little, then Jenny drank a little. Soon, Mr. Gan came out from the ICT Lab and asked me to carry in the exhibition board into the ICT Lab and lock it after I do. He showed me where the lock was, and I was gone for like 5 seconds, when I got back, I CAUGHT JENNIFER DRINKING MY WATER ON THE SLY! Naughty girl. Hmph. Form 1 recess was over, it was form 2's, and we still couldn't go back to class yet. I got bored, so I took the HUGE lock to play. Uh Oh. Something went wrong. Oh no, I accidentally locked the lock. I tried to use Zhiou Ru and Jenny's pins to unlock it, but their pins are too big, so unsuccessful. We had no other choice but to go look for a teacher that has the key. I asked Jia Deng to go tell Jared to momentarily help me make sure that no one goes into the ICT Lab. Then, POOF! Jia Deng, Jenny and I ran all the way up. We were in the middle of the stairs, couldn't decide where to go first. Before that, Jenny and I looked all over the ICT Lab, hoping to find a spare key. Our next stop was Bilik HEM, we asked Pn. Heng for a spare lock, or perhaps she has a spare key to open the lock. Unfortunately, no. We just so happened to have passed Pn. Phang and her head full of bobby pins, we asked to borrow one. She refused to let us stick her pin into a filthy lock, so she said NO. Pn. Phang asked us to go look for Surya in our class, Pn. Heng wanted to see her. Next, we went to find Pn. Nages. She's the teacher responsible for all the ICT stuff, so she had a key. She didn't really trust us, so she went to lock the room herself. She asked us to go back down to the Dataran Nilam and make sure no one goes into the ICT Lab, in the mean time she dunno go do what. Jenny went to call Surya, Jia Deng and I went back to Dataran Nilam. Opened the door to see if anyone was inside. Jared and that guy using computer! I told them that Nages was going to lock the door, so they should off the computer. Jared said he found the computer on while he was moving the photography exhibition board in, so he was offing it. Yeah right. Mehhahah. Got to go out for now. Update on Friday and today later in a new post! :)
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