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I admit, that I love you
Monday, 21 July 2008, 11:58 am

Hello, readers :). I just came back from ICTL. Early, no? I even have the time to blog. Mehehe. I'm early from ICTL today because I've finished my exam last week, so did J.D. J.D. didn't bother to go to school early today to check whether or not she has to retake it, so Christine and Jennifer and a group of other people is currently taking their exam now. Anyway, yesterday was a fun day, I guess. I figured how to do animation with my Photoshop CS3. Yay! I got so happy when I just figured it out. So I did a simple banner for Karyn, to beautify her friendster profile. It's very colorful though. I don't really like it, but not bad for first time. Also, I realized that my blog has been visited quite alot these days. Mostly by Singaporean bloggers. Mehehe. Just wanna say, thank you for coming by. Momentarily short post. I will post another one after school. Here's a preview of the stuff I made yesterday:
Banner: Wendy

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