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Thank You
Wednesday, 30 July 2008, 10:15 pm

Ohmygosh, even I have to admit it myself... You seriously have no idea how unbelievably dead my friendster accounts are. I can't even remember when was the last time I actually replied a comment. Anyway, I logged in just now, and I visited several of the profiles that viewed me. The worst part of it was, oh my God, there are so many sick witches that copied the Candygram© style, or should I say, my style. Hey, I am the creator of Candygram©. This is how my second friendster profile looks like:

Seriously, believe it or not, those witches copied exactly the same, from top to bottom. Honestly, even if they did copy me, and credited me and put the Candygram© logo somewhere at their profile, it still won't be as bad. But the thing is, these witches call it their own design, and even put their stupid logo at their profile. Which is theirname then the copyrighted sign at the top. And I call that copying. I guess they ripped my whole entire source, edited a little, and call it their own creation. You see the button with my name in my "Who I Want To Meet Section"? Yeah, the witches even use paint, created a square, and inserted their name on it. Talk about pathetic. Grrr...Besides the whole copycat thingy, today was sort of fun and great. The first half of school was kinda boring though, I mean, two periods with Pn. Phang, I almost lost it. The funniest thing of the day is, since we had PJK today, and I had to change, Chrisy and I exchanged shirts for fun. So, basically, she was purple and I was green. Mehehe. It's pretty lame, but fun in a way. Hey, don't blame us for entertaining ourselves. I noticed, that my resent posts have pictures, unlike my old, old ones. Anyway, PJK was boring, the whole time I hoped it'll be like last week. Awww... A moment to remember till the day I die. During the second period of PJK, Chrisy, J.D, Jenny, Marion and I went to help some teacher arrange the tables in the hall to get ready for tomorrow's Australia Maths Competition. We stayed there until 15 minutes before Maths ended. We couldn't go to class, or Pn. Phang will write us in the Buku Ponteng. Okay, we so did not ponteng. We were helping out in the hall, and the teachers wanted us to finish our job before we leave. So, we walked around. Afraid, 'cause we didn't have a pass, and the second last period is the time the discipline teachers walk around to catch ponteng-ers. Grr.. Pn. Tan got pissed off during Sejarah and didn't wanna teach no more. Yikes. Who the hell cares? It wasn't really my fault. Though I have a feeling that I'll be busted.
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