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You can't change who you really are
Saturday, 5 July 2008, 11:02 pm

Short post about what happened today. I am so sick of blogging, after blogging what happened for a whole week. Nothing much happened today, another typical Saturday about to end. Oh yeah, Jennifer and I had an awkward conversation just know. Seriously awkward.

Jennifer: So bored so bad larr :( rose @-> --
Me: Hello Jenny FURR ball. Mehaha. How r u 2day? Sry 4 th l8 reply!
Jennifer: Bored to tears :( having a boring dinner now with ppl
Me: Gr8 minds tink alike. Having dinner nw too... Chat with u online later? Happy thoughts n ur bored-ness will grow wings n fly away....
Jennifer: ill try and ok :)
Me: Good little Jenny FURR ball. Think positive n sacrifice for God, n God shall sacrifice to give u a POSITIVE path in life...
Jennifer: Thxx for the advice :)
Jennifer: I have loads me probs in school
Me: Y do u av so many probs?
Jennifer: Ppl have me :(
Me: Ppl have u?
Jennifer: Hate sry Rong spelling
Me: Oh Jenny FURR BALL, think positively . Ignore those hu hate, jz treat them lyk a true friend, n one day they'll notice ur heart of kindness. Dun try 2 change ur self, or u won be JENNY FURR BALL, but sumone else. Everyone is hated by sumone. Dun blame urself.
Jennifer: Ok i feel much better thx :) i am who i am and im proud!!! sorta. . :)
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