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Chocogram & Candygram
Friday, 11 July 2008, 10:41 pm

New word: Chocogram! Mehahhaha. Zheng Yi gave Christine a whole bar of Cadbury chocolate today. Christine and I ate almost the whole thing in less than 30 minutes, in other words, in less than one period. It was so yummy, I wanted more and more and more after one another. But during the last period, which was Science, Encik Zuraimi let us out of the Science lab about ten minutes earlier. By that time, Christine already gave me the rest of the chocolate. So, since Christine wanted another, I took it out, Jia Deng, Jennifer, Surya, Raja and loads of girls came for the chocolate. The chocolate dissapeared in less than five seconds, so we had none for ourselves. Aww.. that's veryyy sad. You know what they say, Sharing Is Caring, right? Anyway, Christine and I sat beside the window practically the whole day. During Maths, I had to move back to my normal seat which is next to MARION. It was all part of Pn. Phang's evil scheme to separate Christine and I. There's just something about teachers, they love keeping monitors all to themselves. I mean, I can sense it, Pn. Phang saying, "Ehhmyeeegawdd, I am sooo kewl!! I'm bezzz friendzzz with a thirteenn year olddd...Ehmagawd I am oneee groovehh teen!!" One word: GROSS. Pn. Phang separated Christine and I, ON PURPOSE. She separated Christine and I only, as in she let everyone sit with their good buddies. She even made me sit with Marion. It's like a living hell just to SIT next to her, excuse me. Today Christine asked Pn. Phang to move her to the front with me, because of her eye sight. We can't be sure whether or not she'll change. SHE BETTER! As I predicted, this is all part of her revenge, I really don't know wth I did to that witch. Hellooo...??? Just so you know, I think you mistook me for a wrong girl..?? I DID and PASSED UP ALL my homework, MIND YOU!!! Freak. Gosh, I really should stop cursing that witch, or things might get.. sticky. Anyway, Jia Deng showed me this guyyy.. I think he's Malay, kind of gay.. I guess. He carries a hand bag wherever he goes, and he sang Colbie Calliat's Bubbly on Malam Amal. *No Comment* I just discovered a really cute site that gives out adorable freebies. Click here to view the site. Or simply go to my plugboard and click on the site's button. Mehahaha. I've been planning on creating another blog skin, but exams are next week. Urgh. Exams exams exams... WHY???

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