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Tuesday, 29 July 2008, 10:42 pm

So here's a post about what happened today. Today was great and very jolly, as usual. Christine, J.D. and I didn't go for Moral again today. Well, you can't call it ponteng-ing, Jared Ho from 2C asked us to return the Photography Club exhibition photos to their owners. We sort of had trouble looking for 1B, which turn out to be downstairs. Pn. Yong was teaching Maths, but you can say that I'm one of her favourite students, she allowed me to look for May Yean. First stop, we didn't return all of May Yean's pictures. Christine was holding some of them. So, May Yean asked for it, and I had to go back out to check. Then back in I went, checked with May Yean whether if it's all. When I got out, Pn. Yong was looking at the pictures we took, very fascinated, by the look on her face. She asked loads of questions, I guess she was in a good mood. Then, when we were free to go, Pn. Wahida and Pn. Phang gave us a set of books and asked us to bring it to class. Did I mention that before the whole excitement begun, we borrowed a pass from Pn. Wahida? I'm so sorry, but J.D. and I are starting to take Pn. Wahida for granted, borrowing her pass to skip Moral. Owh so very sorry, Pn. Wahida. It's your friendliness, we couldn't help ourselves. Anyway, before I continue about what happened today in school, I have another question for God:
PJK clothes to change tomorrow. It has been a pretty longg time since I actually bothered to change for PJK. Believe me, I used to bring it every week, just not really fond of changing. Hehehe. Of course, I'll be a good girl and make Pn. Khatijah proud if I do bring and change, but I'm lazeee. Mehehe. Anyway, there were loads of awkward moments between me and our daily monkeys, SP, phanit look-alike, long lash dude, and of course 9LD. Now, if you were paying attention, you'd notice that I wrote me, not us. Chrisy wasn't involved in any of these awkward moments, for she was facing her back to the outside world. Now that is what I call, a crime. But the most awkward thing in the whole entire world is, Christine and I are going to get the same haircut. Now that is super awkward. It was like last Saturday, when Chrisy wore a pinafore, and I wore kurung. Which is the complete opposite. Here's one thing that isn't awkward, but it's weird, SP now officially thinks he's a total "hot shot", which totally is the complete opposite of what he really is. Well, not exactly complete opposite, that's just an insult. And today Chrisy and I figured, that the prefects of SMK Seafield [especially the nanas and Malays, *no offence, this isn't an insult] are always doing something weird when we're watching. Once there was a girl prefect, I caught her dancing alone when she has by the stairs; And there was one Monday, there were a whole big group of prefects, pushing an Indian prefect towards the Dewan door. The door was closed, and they were banging him so he'd hit the door. Odd, no?; Once when Christine didn't come to school due to illness, Michelle and I caught another guy prefect dancing when we were going up the stairs; Another time we caught ella shuffling, but totally suck at it, he totally made a fool out of himself. There's more to come, believe me. Today, there was this other guy prefect, believe me you do not want to know what the heck he was doing. I wasn't even so sure wth he was doing; Another time after we had our PJK, when Chrisy and I were walking up the stairs, we caught this prefect [definitely Indian] doing this very weird flying thingy with his hands and ran away. He was alone. I'm not insulting or anything, neither am I racist, insulting people who don't understand Chinese [I, myself don't really understand either], but it's just weird that we always catch some prefect doing something stupid. Maybe things like that are meant for us to see to make us happy and jolly? I don't know. Anyway, last night I was planning to send both Michelle and Su Min a happy birthday sms at midnight sharp. But frankly, I was reading Pants On Fire, and completely lost track of time. Oops. I was ten minutes late, though it was owhkay. Hmm... I don't remember doing that for Chrisy... Must have been lack of credit.
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