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Instant Star
Monday, 28 July 2008, 9:51 pm

Has anyone ever heard of the song "What A Girl Wants" by Christina Aguilera? Well, I am seriously in need of some new stuff, to replace my very sad, very old, very brokened old ones. For example, a new bottle. During my trip to Singapore last year during Christmas, I bought a really cool bottle imported all the way from Australia, it was even blue. I love blue. It was one of a kind, no one in my school here at Subang Jaya has it. But sadly, the cap broke, and caused the water to come out very easily. Today, my yellow Bumble Bee bottle, which I bought last year, hardly used until this year, it broke, too. It's very sad, another one of my bottles died. I want a new bottle, that's first. Second of all, I want a new hair cut. I hate my hair! It's too long. I don't like having long hair, but I'm not allowed to cut it short. When I grow up and when I can do anything I want without freaking anyone out, I'm gonna cut it all super short so that I won't even need to think about it. Like Alexz Johnson's new haircut. My hair pretty much curl anyway, so I guess I won't look so bad. Anyway, school was fun and awkward today. I have a question for God:
Today in school, I notice that alot of people [mostly guys], did something really, really ridiculous to their hair. They can call it trying something new, but some of them are just wrong wrong wrong, very wrong. Hair can grow, I know. But... ): I spent quite alot of money today. 3 dollars, at least. Bought a one fifty bun, and Justea. I was under the influence of Jia Deng, what can I say? Overall, today was quite fun, also quite boring. Would have been better, typical Mondays are miserable 'cause of three periods of KH. Grr...
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