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Tuesday, 22 July 2008, 10:31 pm

Oh my gosh, my results for this time's exam suck so much I don't even dare to look at it myself. I seriously need to work harder for the next exam, which will be our last for this year. So basically, it's the most important one. The next exam's results are going to "lead" us to the class we'll be put in next year. Going to have to work super hard 'till then. Anyway, I've been considering on reactivating my MySpace account again. Haven't decided yet though. Christine and I have been fooling around alot these days. I bet some of you know One Republic? Colbie Caillat..?? And a few more singersslashbands that were discovered through MySpace? Well, I really meant fooling around when I said fooling around. We're planning to go do something so amazing, post it up on MySpace, loads of people will come and see the "amazing-ness", and one day a producer or whatever will come and make us famous! And we'll make big bucks $$. Wahahahaha. We'll see. Mehehehe. And I just found David Cook[♥]'s official MySpace. Can't wait until I get my hands on his album. J.D and I didn't managed to skip Moral. Today for the first two periods, us form one students were stuck in the dewan doing stupid stuff. Believe me, it's so stupid, I can't even describe it. That's pretty much all for today. Nitey night.
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