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Lucky that I've met you
Wednesday, 23 July 2008, 10:02 pm

It is 101% proven, that today is seriously an awesome day. The day started out kind of boring though. We were supposed to have Seni for the first two periods, but apparently, the school had a Clean and Clear program going on for us girls. Girls Only, the form one and form two boys were asked to go back to their own classes. J.D, Christine and I sat together, though we were still bored to death. Everything only started to go well after recess though, everything went wrong before. By the time we got back to class, it was already Chinese. As usual, Christine moved front next to me; Jenny moved front next to J.D; And Irene went to sit with Mei Yee. But Pn. Phang woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Normally, Pn. Phang will be the one who'll ask those who sit behind move to empty seats in the front. But today, everyone moved without Pn. Phang demanding. Once she saw Christine sitting next to me, Pn. Phang got really fed up and asked everyone to return to their normal seats. Hey, that witch is that desperate to separate Christine and I. Jackass. Anyway, after recess we had PJK. This is when the fun starts. I didn't change for PJK due to laziness, and the fact that I really, seriously, honestly do really hate wearing that ugly PJK shirt of mine. First of all it's cause it's too big, second of all it's because I belong to the most awful house: PURPLE. Gross. Pn. Khatijah gave us our freedom whether to play basketball or badminton. Those who wanted to play badminton stays in the "badminton court" with Pn. Khatijah, whereas those who wanna play basketball goes to the basketball court. Majority played badminton. We were the only ones in the bball court. We as in J.D, Jenny, Christine and I. Alyssa was with us for a while, but then she felt sick and went away. Or should I say RAN away. Hmm.. While we were having our PJK, form 2's were having their recess. When Alyssa was still with us, a huge group of form 2 guys went after her for the ball. They wanted to play so badly they used rocks to play. But Alyssa didn't want to lent them the ball even though we weren't playing, let's just say she was temporarily our monitor, and felt sort of youknow. Christine, J.D, Jenny and I sat by the side talking, and watching the guys bully a kitty. Carrying it all over the place, kicking it, throwing stuff at it. In the end, the cat started to follow me. So I kept avoiding it. Alyssa was gone 'cause she felt sick, so we had the ball all to ourselves. But honestly, we aren't sporty girls like some. In other words, we continued sitting down talking by the side. Mehehe. By that time form 2 recess was already over. Alyssa felt sick just at the right time. NOT. J.D and Jenny were desperate to buy water from the canteen, but didn't have any money. I had 10 cents. In the end they got a dollar from Chrisy. Sharing is caring, what can I say. When all the form 2's were back in their classes. There were two more, hanging around the bball court. Chrisy and I predicted that they wanted the ball, but we didn't dare to just pass it to them, 'cause well, what if they were looking for something else? We ignored them, obviously. After a while one of them finally asked [super softly] when I looked their way [Allaa.. Form one also so scared of mehh?? Do Christine and I look scary or something?]Without wondering wth he said first I passed the ball, then we continued blabbing. Wehehe.. Soon J.D and Jenny came back with a bottle of cold water, J.D thought that the two guys grabbed the ball from us and was ready for action! Chrisy and I told her we gave it to them ourselves. I make it sound seriously boring, though we seriously had loads of fun. Christine and I made J.D. tell the guys that we'll need the ball back when Pn. Khatijah comes to check on us. Mehehe.. Who else would do it if not J.D? I definitely won't, Jennifer is nothing but a blurcase. Christine? Jennifer and J.D went to sit somewhere else where they can make sure that Pn. Khatijah doesn't get to Chrisy and I before they do. Whereas Chrisy and I stayed in the bball court to watch them play, and to get the ball and get rid of the guys when Pn. Khatijah gets there. It's not like we were trying to save them [the guys] or anything, playing just makes them happy. Who wouldn't be happy to make someone else happy? It's not like we were going to play in the first place. After a while, J.D. and Jenny came running running here. J.D. shouting in a very cute way, "Teacher coming!!!" and Jenny saying, "Teacher.. Teacher.. Teacher..." over and over again. By that time, everyone started to panic. Me, Christine, Jenny, J.D, even the form two guys. They should, right? I mean, they were playing on the sly. Recess ended long ago and they were still playing bball. If Pn. Khatijah saw them, she'll think that they grabbed the ball from us [which they did not], and straight away send them to Pn. Heng. Mehehehe.. So, the guy who was holding the ball threw it at Christine. That time Christine and I were walking around. Christine caught the ball and threw it to J.D. to act like they were playing. The guys couldn't be spotted so they walked beside the drain, where they won't be spotted, 'cause it was covered with trees. As for me, I hurried and sat down, 'cause I didn't change, and Pn. Khatijah said I couldn't playyy.. Blek. Hehehe, it was fun for some reasons. Wonder if the guys thought it was fun too. A while later, a couple of morning session guys came to join us. They brought their own ball though. One of them was talking away with us. None of us answered, just Christine. Christine and I went to sit down again and continued blabbing, J.D and Jenny disappeared. We terpaksa act like we're playing again when Pn. Khatijah came to check again. Then I overheard one of the morning session guys said that we were "scardy cats", teacher also scared. Aiyoo.... No comment about that. When the fun ended, PJK ended, ella saw J.D, Christine and I holding hands, skipping to the stairs and talking really loudly like crazy people. Or, like guys. Mehehehe. He was staring though, seriously staring. Meet the different side of us, ella. Believe me, there's loads more to come. Wuahahahaha.
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