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Ella Ella Laine
Sunday, 27 July 2008, 2:40 pm

Going to school on a Saturday, now that is just wrong, wrong, WRONG. But I went anyways, and it was totally worth it. We sort of had loads of fun, but the day would have been better if J.D. was there. Sadly, she had to go to Melaka with her family to visit her grandfather, who is currently ill. Aww.. Almost half of the students in my class didn't bother to come to school yesterday, so most of the teachers didn't bother to teach. Today is Sunday already. Woke up extra early today though, and we went shopping!! Wee~ One thing canceled off my wishlist. Today I'm supposed to have Quack tuition, but I won't be going due to laziness and no transport. Mehehe. Doubt Christine will go, too. A couple of days more to Su Min's birthday. It's sad the fact that I won't be celebrating it with her from this year onwards. We're apart now, we haven't really kept in touch honestly. Hey, I've been busy. Taylor and Cecilia from Ella Ella Laine, what can I say? Speaking of Ella Ella Laine, I'm back to writing it, and believe me, ella isn't exactly the "leading man" anymore, 9LD officially took his place. Blame yourself, ella. Let's just say, Ella Ella Laine is 99.9 percent based on my real life story. And every single one of my friends will be part of it, including SP and Christine, whom I have to say, will definitely be ending up together. Oops, did I just ruin the whole excitement?
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