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I know better
Saturday, 5 July 2008, 10:25 pm

Next post: [Continuing about Thrusday] After Jared and the other guy left, Pn. Nages came. She went inside the ICT Lab to make sure no one is inside, and was looking for shoes..?? Wthh..?? While Pn. Nages was looking around inside, Pn. Lim came to us. Jia Deng, Jenny and I thought that Pn. Lim was mad for some reasons, we were kind of getting ready for the "insult session". Guess we were wrong.

Pn. Lim: Eii what are you girls doing here?
[we all answered at the exact same time]
Jia Deng: Err...
Jennifer: The lock...
Me: Longgg storyyy....
Pn. Lim: [giggles] Why is the door open? Anybody inside anot?
Me: Pn. Nages...
[Pn. Nages walks out]
Pn. Lim: Eii, Pn. Nagesvari, thank you very much. Thank you very much.
[starts "touching" Pn. Nages, giggles]
Pn. Nages: [points at a lonely slipper] Bring that sliper here.
[Pn. Lim looks at the slipper, bent down half-way]
Pn. Nages: Not you la. YOU!
[points at Jennifer]
[Jennifer go gets the slipper, and went into the ICT Lab]
Pn. Lim: Where's the exhibition board?
Me: We moved it in already.

Pn. Lim: Whoa, good girl. So responsibleee...
[Jennifer comes out]
[Pn. Nages comes out]
Pn. Lim: Thank you la Pn. Nages.
[Pn. Lim leaves]
[Jia Deng,
Jennifer and I leave]
[Pn. Nages locks the door]
Jennifer: Hopefully Pn. Nages don't scold me later.
Me: Why?

Jennifer: I put the slipper at the wrong place.

Wth.. 4 July [Friday], I was lazy to blog yesterday. Turns out the photography exhibition was still on on Friday. I didn't know, therefore Jia Deng, Jennifer, and I didn't go out for recess early. Aww man. ONCE IN A LIFETIME CHANCE JUST FLEW AWAY HERE. Nothing much happened yesterday though. Last night I was blog hopping, and I found several blogs that are exactly the same as the original. As in, copycat. "Pirated version". Firstly, there's this blog, she stole Agnes's codes, exactly the same, just for the beauty of her blog. She doesn't wanna remove it, and she even shares the codes to other people. She insists that she isn't selfish like Agnes is. Whoa. Very harsh. Secondly, there's this tutorial blog, even worse, exactly the same as it's original's. All the disclaimer.., tutorials.., even the tagboard is the same. And whoever opened that blog, wants to frame Candyqueen. Over the top? Hell yeah.
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