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You rock my soul
Wednesday, 9 July 2008, 11:50 am

I haven't blogged since Saturday, I think. Anyway, yesterday was such a sad day. There was an Indian teacher in our school accidentally fell from the roof of his house while he was fixing pipes. He fell all the way from the roof to the ground. Ouch! According to our teachers, his cracked his skull and something about his brain or nerves getting damaged. Yesterday he passed away around 3 p.m. So sad, isn't it? For a whole week he was in coma, hadn't woke up even once, and there he goes. Imagine how his family feels right now. According to my brother and Geo teacher, he has three children, Form 5, form 3 and STD. 4! And his wife doesn't have a job, neither can she drive. Wonder how they'd accept such a BIG and SUDDEN change. Without someone very important in their lifes. So sad. Anyway, I went to Sunway Piramid on Sunday. Wahahaha. Dad bought Starbucks coffee and Famous Amos cookies for us and as for my brother's birthday present. There were two packs of cookies, which one of them I was planning on saving it for Tuesday, to bring to school for Christine to eat. But frankly, Mr. Naughty took it to school. And! My sis. bought star papers, I bought a cute cute pink lolli bag! Very cute one! I'll post up a picture of it in my next post. Got to go get ready for school now.
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