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This is me, this is who I am
Wednesday, 9 July 2008, 11:46 pm

Awww... I know that there are thousands of professional photoshop users out there. Can anyone teach me how do I make an animation with Photoshop CS3? I've tried about a million times, but I still don't understand how it works. Aww... Someone please teach me. ANYONE! I do have some good news though. Mehaha. I was blog hopping just a few minutes ago, and guess what I found out! Wendy re-opened her button requests. Yay! You just have to visit her amazing site. You'll be absolutely FLABBERGASTED once you see how amazinggg her site is. Anyway, today is one fine day. Fineee, not specially special or anything. The teachers from Bimbingan dan Kaunselling society had some activities for us to do in the hall. Therefore we didn't enter class at all, for around 4 to 5 periods? In other words, errr.... the whole time before recess. We missed Chinese with Pn. Phang by the way. Only Chinese and Indian students were part of this activity, whereas for the Malays, all of them moved to the room next to the Choir Room. We were all separated into a few [hundred] groups, and each group were given 50 straws. My group with Christine and Jia Deng got a PINK set. Hahhaha. We were asked to build some-thing with the straws, and if we run out or need another pair of scissors or whatever, we have to ask NICELY from another group. I have to admit, it was silly, but quite fun. Obviously, Christine and I did nothing to help, well honestly the rest of our group were doing much better without us anyway. Mehaha. So, we were playing silly baby games. Jia Deng joined us for a while, and ran away. Hmph. We got bored, so we snuck to the back of the stage to peep around for fun. Yes, we were backstage. Since the form 2's were also joining us in this silly-willy activity, they needed some space. So, 1K and 1L were asked to sit ON THE STAGE. Oh gosh, how embarrassing. It was like performing with Step Up Final Showcase, all eyes on us. But it soon got owhkay, because there were other students in front of me, blocking the view. Because of the amazingg view of the people below us, Christine and I got bubbly. And also because I ate a chocolate before entering the hall. Chocolates gives bubblish-ness [if that's a word]. We saw baby ella, baby SP, baby Phanit look-alike, non-baby J.L, and non-baby SP punya GF! Grossss.. THATGIRL does not go with SP at all. You wanna know who goes perfectly fineee with SP? TAN CHRISTINE from 1 Kukuh. Believe me, I know all about chemistry. And according to my research, the chemistry between SP and Christine goes perfectly well, nothing will ever go wrong. Owh yeah. Since Christine and I sat all the way at the side of the stage, there was a piano there, and again, we both and Jia Deng done our researches, and everyone that walks past that piano, gets hit by the side of the piano. Seriously, EVERYONE! There was this particular guy, when he was walking to the piano without looking, I was shouting, "HIT! HIT! HIT!" to prove to Christine and Jia Deng. And he really did hit the piano, even moaned a little. We were there laughing laughing laughing. Soon the guy came back and warned him to not curse him. Wth..?? He was the one who wasn't paying any attention. It was fun. A fun and happy day. I'm still thinking of how I want my new room to be. Any suggestions? I won't be moving in until sometime in October, so until then, what do I care about the house? Mehahaha. You know, a whole lot of people have been stopping by my blog these days. It's not really normal. Did I do something wrong? That caused people to come and check it out themselves? Did I? I don't think I did. Tell me if I did. I wanna know. It's kind of weird, having so many people visiting and tagging at my blog. My blog and my friendster used to be say, lonely?? Why the sudden change?
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