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So long and good night
Monday, 21 July 2008, 9:59 pm

FINALLY! Today is one of the happiest days in my life. Won't post anything about it yet cause of laziness. Believe me, it's a longg story. Anyway, finally, I've replied all my comments in friendster. At least, the ones in my second account. Trust me, if I didn't reply them, people were going to get kind of mad. Some of them even re-sent me the same comment, to make sure that I got it. Mehehe. Jia Deng and I are planning to skip Moral again tomorrow. Don't know. Maybe, maybe not? I think J.D. and I should take Pn. Cheok for advantage to actually have fun in school. You'll never know when will be our last chance to actually do something, right? Anyway, I visited this site which allows you to download cool fonts for free. I've downloaded a few cute once, and POOF!, look at what I made with this weird Barcode font:
You like? Mehehe. Anyone can make simple stuff like that. Unless for those who use old computers like mine, you might have troubles downloading fonts from that site. That's why I used laptop to create that thing. Anyone want one? It'll be my honour to create it for anyone. Feel free to request at my tagboard. Though I really doubt anyone will actually request for any. If you do, please let me know the words you want, color and size. That's all I need to know. Owh yeah, HAPPY 100th POST! Mehehe. After so long, my blog officially has 100 posts already. Though I'm only displaying the ones since June. Honestly, I can't wait until the end of this month. Won't say why though, it's totaly personal. Wuahahaha. But very "ke si", very sayang to leave. Leaving. Good bye. Bye bye, SP, ella, phanit look-alike, 9LD [♥]<---hahaha. wacky. Bye bye, SP's GF, Sherly, Sabrina, Michelle, 2B guy whatever his name is [though according to my brother, he's going to be my neighbour? Wth]. Good bye, "Hong-Gil-Dong", good bye phanit-look-alike's-friend-whom-Christine-and-I-caught-doing-something-stupid. Good bye, Pn. Lim, Pn. Tan, Pn. CHEOK, Pn. Nages.... all the teachers that I've known GOOD BYE TO YOU! Hahaha. Most importantly, bye bye Pn. Phang jackass bitchface dirtball dickhead. Owh my gosh, I forgot a whole lot of people more. Good bye, Chian Wei, May Yean, whole of 1C, Tsui San, whole of IK, Mas, Puteri, and all my happy friends. GOOD BYE!
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