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Barcode Request
Wednesday, 23 July 2008, 11:16 pm

Barcode Request
As I've said before in one of my previous posts, I will be doing barcode requests for free from now on. I've had several people requesting me already, but of course, having problems with the colors, so I thought I create this post all about requesting one. Here's what you have to do:

1. Give me your blog or your website URL.
2. Please let me know the information needed at my guestbook.
3. Yes, you read right, guestbook, not tagboard.
4. It'll be hard for me to send you the code at my tagboard, so your request might be ignored if you request at my tagboard.
5. Make sure that the URL given is really yours and active.
6. Information that you have to give me:
a) Your blog URL [must be active and real!]
b) The size that you want your barcode to be [The size of the sample is already 36, so think wisely!]
c) The color: Black; Brown; Dark Blue; Dark Green; Purple; Light Blue; Light Green; Orange; Pink; Red; Yellow
d) Words that you want under your barcode.
e) Animated or non-animated [Here's how an animated one looks like:]
That's all I need to know :)
Happy Requesting!
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