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Always Be Mine
Thursday, 24 July 2008, 10:17 pm

Awesome! Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! Gosh, they make my life so.... worth it. So worth living for. Today is yet another awesome day. Life has never been so perfect for me before, not before I met Christine and J.D, it was not. I bet you've noticed too, if you're one of those who come to read my posts frequently. Hey, at least I'm not the kind of blogger that only blogs to curse the people around me, take this for instance. Anyway, here's what happened today. The day started out jolly for I woke up extra early just to come online to blog about the silly barcode request thing. I was second to arrive at school, J.D. was there talking to her friends from other classes. J.D. and I thought that Irene won't be coming for school today, because normally she'd be the first one, but today she was kind of late. When J.D. and I decided to go for a walk, we saw Irene coming with a book, no bag. Turns out Irene got chased around school by someguy, so she decided so join J.D. and I. We went to Seafield Walk, there were a huge group of morning session guys. When Irene walked passed, every single one of them called her name. J.D. and I thought they were her friends [hard to believe, no?], but apparently they were "bullying" her. At least, according to Irene. Those guys who called Irene's name walks pass Christine and I almost everyday. And whenever they do, they do something stupid to us and start laughing. Obviously, we ignore them. Lowlifes. Anyway, during recess when Chrisy and I were walking down the stairs, coinky-dinky-ly, SP was coming up. I laughed at SP the first second I saw him. I don't know why, there's just something ridiculously funny about SP. Is it the way he looks? No, I think it's because he's going to be Christine's in a few month's time. Wehehe. Christine was walking in front of me, and she knew that I laughed at him. And she scolded meee!!! T_______T Maybe she already developed feelings for him, that's why she scolded me for laughing at him. Hmph. But SP is going to find something out sooner or later, no? I mean, the fact that I laugh whenever I see SP, it's pretty obvious, I know. After the recess bell rang, J.D, Chrisy and I went into Bilik Guru for fun, just to look around. When I was planning to leave, Pn. Juliana asked me to return Tsui San's Science paper back to her, and return this red pen to some 1A guy. Chang Sing Yea, the name that Pn. Juliana gave us. Turns out there was no such Chang Sing Yea in 1A. J.D, Chrisy and I went back into the Bilik Guru to ask Pn. Juliana for the name again. Fortunately, she wasn't there. Fortunately, not unfortunately. So, yeah, J.D, Chrisy and I took advantage of Pn. Juliana to ponteng. Wehehehe. Hey, Pn. Goh didn't come into class in the first place, owhkay? She was sick or something, so couldn't come to school. Don't know don't care. We walked up and down and back up and back down and back up and back down and up and down and up and down all over and over and over and over again. No pass, though. Soon we got back to class, Alyssa and Teoh Weeeee Ren "jaga" class until so eee-yerh. They did it the "baby-way", as I like to call it. Caused by Alyssa's bossiness and unfairness, everyone in class got ticked off. Won't say why though. Anyway, during Moral, J.D. and I had to separate with Chrisy to go to 1D for Moral. At that very moment, our deary 1E was having a spot check. Something happened, so all the classes were temporarily all messed up. Pn. Cheok was late to class, as usual, so Christine decided to join us as we wait for everything to "calm". While we were waiting, Christine and I measured to see who was taller. Not between Christine and I though, between Christine and our dear phanit look-alike. He was taller, slightly. And I noticed that his friend has really gorgeous long eyelashes. Wasted on a guy, no? J.D. was with us after a while later, and we decided to use the time to go look for the owner of the red pen. J.D. and I left our books and stuff in 1D, and you can say it's called ponteng-ing. The three of us didn't enter class at all for the whole Moral. We took Pn. Juliana as an excuse. At last we found her in the bengkel, teaching the 1C boys. Since she didn't know the owner herself, she took the pen. Naughty Pn. Juliana. Although we gave her the pen, we couldn't go back to class 'cause the 1D guys were watching J.D. and I, and Alyssa would think Christine ponteng if she returns. Did I mention that we got J.D. to borrow Pn. Wahida's pass? No, we didn't steal it, J.D. asked personally from her. So with the pass, we walked around school. During B.M, Christine and I were walking around again. Last period, Christine had to put back the buku ponteng. Believe me, 9LD was popping out everywhere. Though this time it wasn't all bad. He was staring, we knew for sure he'd stare whenever he saw us, he knew we knew, but somehow it didn't matter. 'Cause we all knew why :)
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