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Your voice is the soundtrack of my summer
Wednesday, 16 July 2008, 7:49 pm

Everything has been perfectly perfect! for the past two days. I can predict too, that every thing's gonna remain perfectly perfect for the rest of this week. Though I can't be too sure, tomorrow's exam already, and I'm still here blogging. I didn't have enough time to blog yesterday, so here's a post about today and yesterday. As I said in my previous post, we'll be having our ICTL exam on Monday. So.. yesterday was Monday. The exam was super duper uper easy, at least it was for me. I arrived at school around five minutes earlier before class started. Christine was late. Since I was early, I got to use one of the new computers, the one all the way in the front. One person per computer, no sharing. Since there were only around 20 computers, half of the class had to use the next ICTL room. In other words, we were separated into two rooms. Jia Deng sat behind me, Jennifer next to Jia Deng, and I saved a seat for Christine next to me. But apparently, Jennifer's computer was super slow, so she switched to the front with me. Therefore Christine had to use the other classroom to take her exam. The Microsoft Word in the new computers were 2007 versions, the same one as mine at home, so it was extra easy for me. In the meantime, Jia Deng and Jennifer were struggling for help. Mehahah. I wasn't sure how to break the paragraphs into two columns, neither was I sure how to make the huge "C", like in the newspapers. But then I simply click here click there, and POOF!, there you are. A+ here I comeee! So far, only me and another person managed to complete the exam. We were given less than 40 minutes to complete it. Around 11.30, the electricity went out for like 5 seconds. Well, no one expected that to happen, so none of us saved our work. The electricity going off didn't effect everyone, not me. Owh yeah, the curse of Ching Jia Deng is proven after doing my research. Logically, whenever I'm around Jia Deng, 9LD pops up in front of me. No joke. On Tuesday, Jia Deng and I sort of skipped Moral, since Pn. Cheok didn't come in the first place. The relief teacher was Pn. Nor Aida, and she told Jia Deng to return her pass during second period. Morning session was still having their exams in 1 Damai, so we waited outside at the walkway for almost half an hour, then Pn. Nor Aida asked us to get chairs to sit by the hallway. Wth. Pn. Nor Aida asked us to move to 3 Damai and temporarily have our class there. Then, finally, we got back to our normal class during second period. The bell rang once Jia Deng and I went up the stairs. Jia Deng and I seriously went and walked around THE WHOLE ENTIRE SCHOOL. There wasn't a single spot that we missed. We even went to the abandoned stairs next to 1 Amanah, sat there for a while. Walked passed all the form one and two classes a few hundred times, when finally a few teachers were starting to suspect something, Jia Deng and I went to the Pejabat. We acted like we were looking at the relief list, we stood there like idiots for a prettyyy longggg time. 5 to 10 minutes at least. We weren't trying to get attention or anything. It's just that the part where climbing up and down the stairs was so tiring, and the weather was so hot, and there was a fan blowing directly at us in the Pejabat. Mehahah. We walked pass 1 Kukuh a few hundred times to show off our pass and freedom to Christine. Mehehehe. Christine wanted us to bust her out, but apparently, didn't know how without Pn. Siew suspecting something. Proof of the curse of Ching Jia Deng actually exists, 9LD was walking right in front of us the whole time we were walking. Seriously. And when we were walking back to 1 Damai, 9LD was walking in the opposite direction as we were. He was staring though, probably suspected that we were following him. *Perasan* Even when we walked pass his class, he kept staring. Believe me, I can tell. For the whole entire day, Monday and Tuesday, Christine and I were avoiding Jia Deng and Jennifer so 9LD won't pop up in front of me. I thought that even Jennifer was part of the curse too, at first. I can't tell for sure yet. Anyway, today is Wednesday, aka the first day of exam. Chinese and Maths, we had today. This is awfully a retarded post, for I am typing super fast so I can go study. I started this post yesterday, but didn't manage to finish it. So here it is today. I'll post what happened today in another post maybe later? Or tomorrow? Or Friday night when all my exams are over? That's a promise.
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