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Everyone's home is their oasis. Is it?
Monday, 23 June 2008, 10:28 pm

Today is such a smiley and tiring day. I'm exhausted! My brother will be having tuition a few minutes later, so I'll have to make this a really quick post. As I said in my previous post, we'll be doing the chapter of Reka Bentuk dan Penghasilan Projek. Today during KH, Pn. Yong asked us all to hand in our Notebooks, for her to make sure we did our Lakaran Projek and did it right. I was first in class to retrieve my wood, so I had loads of time to measure and saw up all the wood. Loads, doesn't mean enough. I had problems while measuring the wood, because the wood given to us is too small, and even the Mounting Board couldn't fit in where it's supposed to. I got a green MDF Board, and a yellow Mounting Board. When Lick Yin got his set of woods and boards, I traded with him for a blue one. I love blue! When all the measuring is done, I had to saw them to tiny pieces. Whoa, this is the bad part. No matter how big the saw Zhiou Ru and I took, or how sharp it was, we still had a hard time sawing the wood. Anyway, when KH was already over, we still weren't done yet. Poor Mei Yee and Irene. They forgot to bring their aprons, and Pn. Yong says whoever that doesn't have one, can’t do anything. So, the whole time during KH, after they’re done measuring the wood over and over again, they had absolutely nothing to do. Anyway, after KH is recess time, after recess we have PJK. Guess what? We’re gonna have PJK again this Wednesday! They changed our timetable, and we'll be following the new timetable from tomorrow onwards. And according to our new timetable, we’re having PJK on Wednesdays. Owh yeah, since I deleted my previous post about buttons, I think I should repost what I wrote in my previous post. Firstly, I'd like to thank Irene, for going through the trouble to make Karyn’s gorgeous button [will credit you at her blog. And, I've replaced my Events with a plugboard. So, please plug, people. I need your plugs. Today isn't all-smileys, either. I figured, that we must all sacrifice no matter what, just to make sure that the ones we love are okay. We must sacrifice a lot, to make sure the ones we love are happy, and always will be. Although it may hurt us, we must sacrifice. For the ones we love.
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