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Three cheers for sweet revenge
Sunday, 22 June 2008, 6:02 pm

One problem solved, another problem TO BE solved. I've thought of what I'm gonna make for my KH project, I've even drawn out the Lakaran Project [I know my KH really well xD]. I was blog hopping again just a few minutes ago, and turns out the numbers of rippers and copycats have INCREASED. Aww man. When will these no-originality people get a life? Gosh, I should copy THEM and see how much THEY like it. Yeesh, way to ruin my day. I still can't decide whether or not to replace my Events with a plugboard. Hmm... How many of you have your own buttons put up your hand please. [No respond] Should. Will. Going to. Right on it. I can always take it away if no one plugs their button in. Yeah. And I'm making one for Karyn, to beautify her friendster. Speaking of Karyn's friendster, I still haven't figure out a perfect design for her yet. So much to do, so little time.. Owh yeah! One last thing. I'd like to thank and apologize to Wendy, for not crediting her for making the gorgeous buttons for me. Thank youu & sorryyy, Wendy!
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