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Somewhere out there...
Saturday, 21 June 2008, 11:30 pm

Awww man. I had to re-install my counter to my blog again. Turns out we're not allowed to take away or change anything in the code given. Owh well, everyone wants their credits. I could use an idea of what to make for my Kemahiran Hidup project. Pn. Yong will be giving us each three pieces of wood, and two Mounting Boards. We can make whatever we want. But the problem is, the wood we're about to get is too limited! I only have like, one more day to figure out what to make. Any advice? Anyway, I went shopping just now, at Subang Parade. You'll never guess who I saw there. SP! Alone! I don't know. Maybe he was with his family and decided to walk alone? Don't know, don't really care either. I've been thinking since the minute I came online, wheather or not I should change my "Events" under Extras to a plugboard. Hmm... still can't decide. I always hated that Events section, but if I change it to a plugboard, hardly anyone will plug, because hardly anyone has a button of their own. Decisions, decisions. Life will be so much easier without them. Speaking of buttons, I just got my own with my name on it. Yay. I had one long ago, but I didn't really make use of it. No wait, I didn't know how. And the previous one said "Lolliface", this new one says "Zhou Yen". Mehahaha. I'll post up a preview at the end of this post. Anyway, in the evening, we walked [yes, walked] to my aunt's new house. When we got back home, i went blog hopping! Blog hopped, blog hopped, blog hopped, in a few minutes time, I found myself in Photobucket. Hmm.. Wonder how I got there.
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