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We'll have Halloween on Christmas
Thursday, 26 June 2008, 10:15 pm

Ok, first of all, I'd like to point out that, I told you so! Mehahhaha. Today really is awesome, just as I predicted. I arrived at school kind of late today, 'cause my sis had some.. or say, 4 to 5 friends over at my house. They came at around 10 in the morning, in the meantime I was still hiding in bed listening to David Cook & Aerosmith :]. I was slightly earlier than Mei Yee, who came about 5 to 10 minutes later. While waiting for Mei Yee with Irene, so Irene won't be left in the canteen alone, Jennifer, Christine and I were fooling around. When I say fooling around, I really, really mean FULLY FOOLING AROUND. Okay, here's the thing. Jennifer loves Edmund from Narnia, I think his name his Skandar Keynes [did i get it right, jenny fur?]; Christine loves William Moseley; And I LUURRRVVEEE David CookIE. So like, Christine and Jenny were calling me David Cookie, Christine calls Jenny Skandar, but since I kept forgetting that guy's name, I called Jenny SCANDAL. Owh yeah, scandal. Jenny and I called Chrisy William Moseley, Wizzle?? David CookIE, David CookIE, David CookIE, when Chrisy and I went for a walk, it became Cookie. And Chrisy was Elmo and Big Bird for like to seconds. During our walk Chrisy said that both W.M and S.K. are from Narnia 1 and 2, and that I should like a character from Narnia too. And I was the lion. Rawr. Owh Gosh, Jenny calling me the LION sounded so horrible, and I became a BEAVER. Hey, it's not my fault this is so ridiculous, I don't really get to choose what I am who I am, ok? Before recess, I was back to Cookie. No, actually, even before 1.05. Three cheers for David Cook! Hip-Hip-Hurray. Hip-Hip-Hurray. Hip-Hip-Hurray. We stayed in the dewan for a reallyyy longgg time though. They "lectured", yes "lectured" us about the Malam whatever thing. I guess the ticket selling didn't go really well. By the time we got back to class, Pn. Phang's first period was already over. Burst my bubble. Second period was Science. Wahaha. We didn't really do anything during Science either. Pn. Lau came into the Makmal and gave us that speech again. About the Malam whatever. Says we haven't reach our target yet, and therefore everyone in class has to pay 20 dollars to reach their, not our goal. Aww man. Where am I gonna get that kind of money from? Pn. Lau called our names one by one to ask whether we wanna buy a ticket or donate 20 dollars. 95% of us donated. While waiting for Chrisy's turn, Chrisy wanted to tell Pn. Lau that HARGA MINYAK NAIK, exactly what Pn. Phang told us. But she didn't though. Anyway, today is awesome/great/funny/happy and weird. Since perhimpunan, I kept saying the word "BABY". Okay, now THAT WORD does not usually come out from me. Come to think of it, it NEVER comes out from me until today. It all started out during perhimpunan. I was behind Chrisy and SP walked by. And I was like, "Oh baby, you might see your friggin hot version of SP today". Yeah, I know. That definitely did not come out right. And even after that, when I was decorating my Photography scrapbook, I wrote "Oh babyyy...", and "David Cook" at the bottom. SOMEONE, I'm not saying who [Christine] added an ELLA under "Oh babyyy". Ee. I hope tomorrow will be another happy happy day. Eversince I/we found out about ella's gf, our days got so much happier. Maybe it's because we're happy for him. O.O Owh my, we're better people than I thought we were.
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