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Talk is Cheap
Monday, 16 June 2008, 8:17 pm

I haven't updated my blog in quite a while now. For the past few days, I have been both lazy and busy. A lot of interesting stuff happened this past few weeks, and there really is a lot to say. This is the second time I'm writing this post, because the first one went BOOM! on accident. So, long story short, okay? During the holidays, I accomplished absolutely nothing at all. Nothing. Nada. And on the last day of the holidays, which was a Sunday, I realized that I really had a lot of Projects and stuff to do, and the whole day I rushed rushed rushed, thinking that I had to pass them all up by the next day. And in the end, still, I accomplished nothing at all. So-shameful-of-my-self. Anyway, I went to Genting Highlands with my family for 2 days and 2 nights. We stayed in an apartment. We didn't go to the theme park though. So far, the only place I've been for fun is the arcade and the ground floor of the apartment. It wasn't exactly great. Low class. It was just average, not above average. The week after the holidays went pass really awkwardly and slowly. Every thing that happened last week went totally WRONG. Last night was Campfire Night. Owh please, do not ask me how it went. I don't know, because I didn't go. Hong Gil-Dong did. Last night, CHEN ZHOU YEN became HONG GIL-DONG. I'm guessing you lost me, so I'll tell you exactly what happened yesterday nice and slowly. Christine and I actually planned to arrive at school at 5 o'clock sharp, half an hour before Campfire Night started. But then, frankly, things didn't go as planned. Christine says she got caught up in traffic, therefore she couldn't reach school in time. Su Min left her house the same time as I did, thinking that we'll arrive Seafield at the same time. But then she kept calling me to ask where is the school, so as long as I'm on the phone, we couldn't leave the house. And as for me, I was late because a few minutes before 5, I went to Summit, and had to rush rush rush all the way back to get ready. By the time I got home, it was like... err... 5 o'clock? By the time I got ready, it was already around 5.15. Oopsie. Christine was first to arrive, then it was me, lastly it was Su Min. Turns out that Campfire Night got delayed until 6. It was supposed to start at 5.30, but then Justin said it starts at 6. Therefore we weren't allowed to go in first, we were supposed to wait at the bus stop. And it was so sunny and hot! Su Min gave Christine and I a treat, she bought us ice-cream. Hurray for ice-cream! Hurray for Su Min! And we waited and waited and waited some more, and when it was officially 6, they still won't let us in. Eek. Around 6.30, Jia Deng came and brought us in. First of all, we had to cross this yucky bridge made out of sticks. Jia Deng "escorted" us to our seats, which were next to Marion's. Christine, Marion and Su Min made me sit all the way inside, which is with a total stranger! Though I can say, even Karyn agrees so, that stranger looks like Gustine+Jason. More likely Jason. We sat for like 5 seconds, and Christine wanted to get a drink. I had no money, so she bought 100 plus for me. Yay for 100 plus! Yay for Christine! The performances didn't start until around 7.30. And when the performances started, I changed places with Marion. No, not exactly with Marion. Marion sat at my place Christine moved to Marion's place and I moved to Christine's place. Su Min didn't move. The performance started out super-duper-uper boring, then it was owhkay. Not great, owhkay. A-V-E-R-A-G-E. Marion went home with her sister at 9.30, since Marion was holding Christine's bag of expensive stuff, bag of money, bag of lollipops, we suspected Marion brought the bag home with her. That's what we thought at first. And then we thought that MAYBE she just left it somewhere. Christine started to panic panic panic. Uh-oh. So we had to go look for the bag. Because of our bag-hunt, we missed most of the performances. Tsk Tsk. So sad. We went all over school looking for the bag. Well, we were planning to look all over school, but then we can't, because there were "iggy" scouts every where, shoo-ing us back to our seats. We couldn't just sit there, and wonder where the bag is, so we had to go around asking our scout friends to borrow us their sticks and torches so we could pretend to be scouts and walk around. We started out with one stick. Then we had Phillip's torch for like 10 seconds. So we ended up back with one stick. This is when Hong Gil-Dong pops up. Christine and Gil-Dong were fighting for the stick. And when they walked pass the boy's toilet, they saw another similar stick leaning against the wall. And Gil-Dong just took it without anyone seeing. Well, people thought they were crazy, I mean, won't you too? Girls acting like boy scouts holding ugly sticks. But we're so used to it, so whatever. They got lots of attention! Then they finally found the bag. Guess where it was. Right there at our seats. Gosh. When we found the bag, Christine had to home. Aww.. So this is where the story ends. Honestly, a lot more happened that night.
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