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It's been a long hard road without you by my side
Saturday, 28 June 2008, 6:32 pm

Feeling really special today, I wonder why. Jia Deng invited me to go to the Malam whatever with her for free, I wanted to go, but then decided that I shouldn't. I have a whole lot of projects to do, and I have to complete them by Monday. Anyway, I blog hopped to Su Shen's blog just now. And I found a site for us to download fabulous brushes. Seriously, FABULOUS! I've downloaded a few.. hundred, but now my network's back to being evil again, so I'll have to stop for a while and continue when my network realizes how evil it is to me. I've completed my Geo project, but I'm guessing I'll have to do it all over again. Because just a few seconds ago when I moved the cart, the whole thing got stuck and couldn't move. I hope that I get to save it first before it goes BOOM! I hope.. Now it's still stuck, that's why I'm here blogging! :D One project down, another one to go. Though the first one might not be "down" yet. Muahahhaha. Guess what I just did. I lost my patience and decided to end Word, and "any unsaved changes might be lost". MIGHT, not 100%. So yeah, I ended it. I thought that everything would be gone, but I guess I'm lucky today. Everything is still there, PERFECT! :D Mehahah. Owh, today is such a happy happy day. I'm happy all alone, brother and sister left for Malam whatever already. Oh! I found loads of those-kind-of-blogs last night. You know, I bet you've been to one before. The kind of blog that gives out loads of freebies. Owh, and I just discovered that my Adobe Photoshop can make animations like fancy buttons too! But it's more like, whether I have the patience to actually go and learn or not. I'm guessing, NO.
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