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Hope dangles on a string, like slow spinning redemption
Friday, 20 June 2008, 9:47 pm

Time went pass really quickly today. Today is the day our parents come to school and retrieve our report cards from our class teacher. I like to call it, Report Card Day!. The good thing about Report Card day is that we get to go back home earlier, depends on what time our parents come to pick us up. I'd bet that none of you would expect me to say this, but today is AWESOME! Mehahhahah. Hmm.. What day is today again?? Why is today so awesome?? :\
1. Today is Report Card Day. [not awesome at all, so buh-bye] :]
2. Today we only have to bring our Chinese text book and workbook. [not reallyyy awesome, so buh-bye half-way] :]
My owh my, I almost died when Christine said that SP looked hot. No doubt! She used to say that SP is seriously, 'freaking' hideous & scary & tall & ugly. And then SUDDENLY, *POOF!*, "Though he looks really hot." Gosh, I was so shocked I started to run in circles in the class! If you were me, you'd be really, really, REALLY shocked, too! During recess it started to rain very heavily, so Pn. Phang asked us to stay in class and eat our doughnut [everyone got free doughnuts because we got "class terbersih"]. Jia Deng and Zhiou Ru went out, and they got back really soon, ALL WET. Pn. Phang saw them and didn't let anyone go out of the class anymore. Pn. Phang was so scared! Most probably because of the wind, the fan and lights were moving, and Zhen Yi told Pn. Phang that the fan and lights might drop on us any time. So, Pn. Phang asked all of us to squeeze to the side of the class room. Hahahha. Silly Pn. Phang, actually believed what Zheng Yi said [though it might happen, if we're unlucky]. So, basically, everyone was squeezing together at one small little spot. Except for Loye Jie Xiang though. Loye Jie Xiang was sitting all the way in the front, right under the fan, though Pn. Phang ignored him. Gosh, it was so silly! When the rain wasn't so heavy anymore, Christine and I stood outside enjoying the marvelous view. Oh no! The rain caused one of the flower pots to fall over! It was still raining though, but it wasn't that wet. And there SP was. We had a perfect view of SP, since we were so high up.
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