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Hello there, the angel of my nightmare
Thursday, 26 June 2008, 11:43 am

Boo-hoo, I didn't have any spare time to update my blog last night after school. As I said before, so much to do, so little time. I was updating my blog template HTML code/doing my Geo project/doing my Photography scrapbook/trying hard to sign in on MSN/thinking & "night dreaming" about ella/wondering why of all people if just had to be ella/learning how to breath. Even you have to agree, that really is a whole lot to do in just one night. Anyway, yesterday was slightly better than any other days. Pn. Phang didn't enter class for 3 periods, in other words, all her periods. Therefore we had alot of free time/fun-time. Gosh, you have no idea how happy everyone was. And I can predict, that today is going to just like yesterday. Because, PN. PHANG ISN'T COMING INTO CLASS TODAY EITHER! Yay! Pn. Tah took over Pn. Phang's first period, 2I prefects were supposed to relief the period after that, and 2J prefects the one after that. No, things didn't really go as planned. Both 2I & 2J prefects didn't enter class, so we were say, screaming our lungs out. Okay, not me. I'm not the screaming kind of girl. Christine was busy trying to err... "control the class" or whatever you call that. You want the word in chinese? 管班. Mehahhaha. In the meantime, Su Ann[e], Ngee Jin, [Khu] Zhiou Ru and I were at the back talking talking talking non-stop. Zhiou Ru and Su Ann saw one of the pictures in my Photography scrapbook, and almost died. 'Cause of the "Lala-ness". Get one thing straight before continuing to read this post, a picture in my scrapbook is Lala, doesn't mean I am Lala, excuse you. I've been blog hopping alot these days, I've been doing a lot of plugging, too. Plugged at several plugboards, it's fun to plug for some reasons. But there will be the one day I get bored of it, just like the one day I get bored and sick of ella will come someday too. SOMEDAY, gosh, don't ask me when. Owh yeah, new smileys at my tagboard. Go tag and see for yourself :)
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