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As we go on, we remember all the times we had together
Tuesday, 24 June 2008, 11:00 pm

I woke up extra early this morning. Hardly got any sleep, 'cause of of what happened yesterday. Until now, I still can't believe it. Yesterday during ICT, Christine and I were on the net hopping everywhere. And in no time, we were in ella's friendster profile. In ella's profile, I read one of his comments, and I almost had it figured out. ALMOST. I didn't really believe my eyes though. I mean, ella? No way. I don' really wanna believe it either. But I knew, really, really deep inside, and I tried not to let myself "figure it out", I knew that ella had someone. Someone. I didn't think that that someone would be so gorgeous. No, I didn't expect that at all. I wasn't really sure, and I told Christine about what I predicted. Today it's official. What I predicted really is the truth. And the truth totally ruined my day. Today is supposed to be such a happy day. The whole time in school we couldn't stop laughing, it was a marvelous day. It WAS, now it ISN'T. Now it's like, the worst day of my life. Yeesh. Thanks alot, ella. You completely ruined my day! Urgh! I hate you. Get out of my mind already. Don't you like, have a GF to play with or something? Go bug her. She loves you for that. Gosh, and Christine and I used to make fun of ella. Now he's just pissing me off. Yeesh. Really have to get ella out of my mind. Have to. Going to. Right on it. I'm willing to get ella out, but is ella willing to get out? We'll see. This morning I was thinking to myself, it has been a pretty long time since Christine and I had one of those days. Those silly willy days. The days we can't stop talking and laughing. Today was supposed to be one of those days. It was. Until ella had to ruin it for me. Bursted my bubble. Urgh, so mad right now. During English, Geography and BM, Christine and I were bitching about ella. Maybe he overheard, and decided to get a girl to in-your-face us. Bad ella. Stupid ella. GREEN ELLA! Green people are nothing but BOB THE ALIEN HEADS! I should stop, right? No more ella. My plugboard is still empty, so, please plug, my fellow beloved readers! Will plug you back! I was doing my Geo project a few minutes ago. Until I completely lost it and had to write this post. And I wrote This Is Our Playground just now. It's sadder than ever. I was planning to post it up before this post, but then.. naaa... (: Maybe I'll be back later, to update more. Maybe. What can I say, HOPE DANGLES ON A STRING.
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